Poundland – Multi Price retailing

This is an excerpt of the latest Grocery Insight newsletter which covers the UK food retail market extensively, with 2/3 emails per week sent out to subscribers. There is rich insight, numerous images (c.12/13 today) and a real closeness to the market and the activity of the retailers.  To subscribe – visit Newsletter subscription for […]

Iceland Clapham – a new dawn

Here is a teaser of the email newsletter that was released this morning on the subject of Iceland, both their market performance and indeed, their lovely new store format in Clapham, London. Subscriptions for the email newsletter are available here: Grocery Insight Newsletter – it’s emailed directly to you 2-3 times per week and covers numerous […]

Sir Ken Morrison – A tribute

I never formally met Sir Ken Morrison, but he was always a bit of a hero of mine. Not only was he from the same city (Bradford), but he was a formidable force in food retailing, my chosen industry. It’s a source of regret that I never managed to meet and have a discussion with […]

Market Overview – Christmas 2016

This post originally appeared in the subscription-only Grocery Insight newsletter, and has been republished here in full.   Happy new year! I noted with interest that the analysts post Christmas were lauding a great sales performance from the ‘big four’, highlighting that the sales had returned and good times were here again. Of course, this wasn’t […]