Brexit. Recession. Food Retail?

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn, and has been republished here in full. So Brexit, who expected that? I think the closeness literally could see it go either way but the margin of victory was surprising, as were some of the areas that ended up voting leave. Notable mention goes to Cornwall who voted leave, […]

Tesco launching ‘farm brands’

Back to the future from Tesco? Around the time of the discount emergence and the recession, Tesco launched a number of discount brands (Country barn cornflakes) which were direct imitators of their Aldi equivalents – higher price than Value but lower than core brand. 

The 6 P’s of Discount Retailing

The 6Ps of Discount Retailing was developed by Grocery Insight as a model to analyse Discount. This presentation explores the Discount blueprint, and how Discount stores adapt to local markets and create advantage through a combination of provenance, pricing, price, place, PR, and raw productivity.