Market Overview – Christmas 2016

This post originally appeared in the subscription-only Grocery Insight newsletter, and has been republished here in full.   Happy new year! I noted with interest that the analysts post Christmas were lauding a great sales performance from the ‘big four’, highlighting that the sales had returned and good times were here again. Of course, this wasn’t […]

Throwback Thursday 2: Tesco Watford refit

Throwback Thursday! The weekly look at the Grocery Insight archives (we have 60,000 + images), today it’s Tesco Watford Extra and the re-opening of the refitted store back in August 2014. A year later, Philip Clarke was to lose his job and Dave Lewis parachute in to rescue the ailing chain. The 3 stores (Coventry, […]

Brexit. Recession. Food Retail?

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn, and has been republished here in full. So Brexit, who expected that? I think the closeness literally could see it go either way but the margin of victory was surprising, as were some of the areas that ended up voting leave. Notable mention goes to Cornwall who voted leave, […]