News – Tesco Photo Shops to be operated by Max Spielmann?

A source indicates that from April, Timpson owned Max Spielmann will take over the operation of the in store photo shops currently operated by Tesco.

Max Spielmann are a vastly different business after being taken over by Timpson who have revamped the chain and improved standards and customer service, Timpson shoe repair concessions are a common sight in Tesco stores.

Photo Centre to go to Spielmann?
Photo Centre to go to Spielmann?

The expected franchise move does make sense from a Tesco point of view, there is always a requirement for instant photographs but there are more players in that market – Boots for example who operate from high street stores.

In terms of the in store operation, Photo shops are costly, they require minimum manning due to the service element around the equipment and helping customers. In addition, there are special orders that require printing up too, plus equipment is constantly evolving and repairs / replacements are expensive.

It’s believed that staff will transfer over to the new operator, rather than stay within Tesco unless there are roles available. However with hours continually tight and stores close to contracted hours, especially post ‘ideal schedules’ – colleagues may have to move across to Spielmann and leave Tesco.

There is no doubt that Spielmann will make a great job of running the photo shops as its their specialism, but its interesting Tesco are taking the move to outsource the operation. Part of the plan?

  • tesco worker

    It is not speculation. I work in a tesco photo shop. They have been sold to Max Speilmann but that is all we have been told…


    I am also am employee in photo lab. Very bad the way they did it. We knew nothing then was told our job is on the line. And had nothing since

  • tesco photo lab staff

    This makes it more real now it’s been reported. Very sad, worrying and stressful time for us employees as we have been told nothing more.

  • Tesco Lab

    I am also a member of staff in a Tesco photo lab, I/we are all quite excited about the change and looking forward to seeing what the future with Max Spielmann has to bring.

  • tesco lab

    exciting for us here.

  • Tesco Lab Worker Too

    All of us in this lab are rather excited about it too. It’s just the fact that we are currently in the dark about many things. We’ve got a notepad full of questions waiting to be answered. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get the answers we need, and fingers crossed it will be good for everyone within the labs. Hope everything goes well for everyone, good luck!

  • Tesco photo staff

    We are all in tha same boat by the looks off
    things . We are just trying to think positive
    And hopefully it will be a GOOD move just
    Very frustrating not being told anymore since
    27th January !! Not very professional …
    But our personnel manager has a meeting on
    24th feb which maybe give us some answers
    To our very long list of questions??.
    Or maybe it will just be a change of uniform
    on the 1st April and carry on ?!?? Who knows


    We have been told we have no choice but to move to MS. Our expertise have been sold along with the photo business

    • Another Tesco Photo Lab worker

      That’s what been told today as well in meeting. Its same as what my colleague been telling us on yammer. Its shame tesco does want us any more, at least they should offer us any job in other departments. If they need help they take you where they want and what they want but not us.

  • Michael

    Tesco photo lab worker,
    Our lab found out about month ago that we have been sold, If we would like job with Tesco then we have to go to Tesco website see what vacancy’s are available and apply. Otherwise work for max spillmann or leave. Disgusted with how been treated,

  • Linda

    I have worked for tesco for 24 years in most of their departments. I am shocked that Tesco are allowed to sell its Photo centre and it’s staff as a going concern. They are not allowed to assist me in finding another job within the company – this would look like favouritism, or is it that they just do not want to rock the boat, if I found a position myself they would have to fill mine as that is part of the deal! How am I going to find a position if the company is thousand of hours over! I am not classed as a displaced person nor is redundancy an option being offered. The motto is if
    Tesco looked after it’s staff they would look after the customers even better, but at this present moment in time tesco only looks after it’s profits, regardless!

  • sian

    I have worked for Tesco for 30 years and cant believe I am being sold to timpsons as Tesco no longer require my loyalty as an employee in the photo lab. About 6 weeks ago we were told that if timpsons did buy out the photo labs we still had jobs with Tesco, if we choose not to go. That all changed last week when we were told either go with timpsons or resign as there were no vancancies in store for us.Am still very very upset about this.Though I had a job for life.

  • joanne

    Sian you just said all what im thinking i have been with Tescos 21 years and feel i have been let down by Tescos and lied to for weeks thougt my job in tescos was safe and now got told to go on line for jobs or go with timpson or im out of a job disgusing.

    • sian

      we have since had a meeting with a union rep and I don’t think it will be as bad as we first thought.lets think possitve until we are told more.

  • Photo Lab employees somewhere!!

    As ‘valued’ members of staff, we are intrigued to know what Tesco’s definition of ‘value’ is.

    We were asked to go into a meeting January 27th, in which we were told that a 4 week conultation period was starting for the sell off. We were told basic information, as that is all the store had been given.

    Over the next 2 weeks, we did our own investigations, determining that it was actually Max Spielman that dealt with the photograph side of the business. We were also able to get a hold of a copy of The Timpson Group News dated w/e 16/02/14. For those of you who have not seen this, we were able to determine the following:

    Tesco had agreed for Timpsons to take over the UK and Irish
    Photo Business

    145 shops were to become part of the Max business

    Jason Hatherley’s area 24 team would support Devon and Cornwall,
    and Andy MacDonald’s area 7 team would run shops in Ireland

    The plan is to refit the shops over the next 18 months

    Timpsons hoped to be running the business by the end of April

    The self-service kiosk is being run by a team of mobile
    colleagues who will regularly visit sites refilling and checking
    machines. Kiosks not attached to Photo Labs were taken over
    February 10th

    Kevin Martin who runs will be going on board with
    Timpsons to run the online business. The online business will
    go across to Max the same day as the shops

    All of this information from Timpsons, plus we were told that Veritek lost the contract from April, yet still no news from Tesco, other than the consultation period was due to end 20th Feb, and more information would be received then. Our union rep took all of this info to a union meeting, and even they could not clarify anything more.

    We do not feel the stores are holding back on info, and that if they are it is because their hands are tied. However, when Timpsons published the Group News, Tesco should have given more info to their staff. The way this whole situation has been handled is wrong.

    Very little information has been given since the meeting in Birmingham, other than stuff we already knew or speculated on. We were told that jobs could not be made to keep us in a job at Tesco, yet we learn a member of staff has been permanently taken off their dept to do a job no-one has ever previously heard of, which wasn’t even advertised for anyone else to apply for.

    There seems to be so much speculation, and when the managers who are dealing with the takeover are questioned, we are told it’s not true. They tell us not to worry and that we will be looked after IF Tesco is able to do so. “Why would they let good staff go if they could avoid doing so?” Apparently they don’t have to replace hours if staff are able to stay at Tesco. How can we not worry when our personal lives are being played with and we are being sold off like pieces of meat.

    The whole situation is diabolical for the staff. Tesco have made a good business choice, but seem to have forgotten the key pieces on the chess board other than their customers. The day Timpsons made the decision to buy the operation, Tesco seem to have declared ‘Check Mate’. Game over.

  • tesco photo worker

    I also work in the tesco photo shop. Was gobsmacked when first told about the take over. In that meeting, we were told we would be given a choice to stay with tesco or go with the new!
    At a second meeting we got told there is no choice, its go with the new or your out the door, unless you find a job with tesco working else where! So disappointed with the treatment we’ve ALL had. Telling us they want to be open and honest from the start! Well they wasn’t. So they lied from the start. We have to give it a go with the new or be out of work!

    • tesco worker

      They should not be aloud to get away with it union should sort it out that what we pay them for Im disgusted our all of us been treated told not to worry and now go with timpson or you are out of work.

  • A Max Worker

    My hart goes out to all of those Tesco staff who have felt like they are not in the loop. I have been with Max for about a year going through a similar process to what you are currently facing. It IS a roller coaster, there will be a settling in stint for all of you who decide (-or feel forced to?) come to the Timpson / Max group.
    What I have learnt is the company is a brilliant company to work for. It almost seems to good to be true when you meet the positive characters within the company. Whats really important to get across is they are there to support you. They get that you know your stuff, your customers, your machines, your kiosks.
    It probably will be hectic at the start but if you ride it out they will have your back.

    I know this won’t take the sting out for how you guys may have been left in the dark but I hope this gives you a bit of a ray of light at the end of a hectic tunnel.

    All the Best

    • Tesco Photo assistant

      As soon as I was informed of the possible takeover I did as much research into Timpson’s as was possible, I was pleasantly surprised by the favourable information I found. So I have been looking forward to this move.

      Unlike a lot of my Tesco Photo Lab colleague’s I have only 2 and a half years with Tesco, and being a cynical person have never believed in the fact you are anything more than a number to most companies.

      So I wait in anticipation of the changeover, which I found out today is imminent, with our tupe package coming in the next few days.

    • kelly

      At a very worrying time that really helped so thankyou to ‘max worker’ After 15 years service and worrys about losing my £900 worth of shares we need at least some little positive news.

    • Lindsay Sellick

      Thank you for posting that Max worker, it’s reassuring.
      ive worked for Tesco for 24 years and have been waiting for a transfer to another branch, as that branch doesn’t have a photo lab i’m in limbo, shame on Tesco.
      To be honest after all this I won’t be sorry to leave, it will be Tesco’s loss!

  • Sam frame photo lab colleague

    I’ve just been to my TUPE one to one meeting and was actually pleasantly surprised! , as far as I can see now is roll on 28 th april! THANKYOU max worker for the encouraging words and all I can say is really it’s going to happen if we like it or not , so best to think positive and hopefully things will actually be ok!! I’ve been with tesco nearly 14 years and 10 of them in the lab so finding a different position in tesco really wasn’t an option as one there isn’t any full time positions and two I love my work in the lab !! So here’s hopeing for a positive outcome.

    • Rachael

      Ive also had my meeting and feel much mote relaxed about the future x

      • tesco worker

        Yep i had my meeting may be its for the best to move on good luck everyone i done the tears no more time to move on.

  • Tesco worker

    I have been with Tesco 14 years, and was shocked at the news, also, I am disgusted with Union, not one of them has spoke to me on this, when I have asked union rep in work (also works for Tesco) says they have not heard anything yet, spoke to union at head office, they say get a rep in store for meeting. Not good at all. Still will not be paying union fees much longer, was a waste of money all these years just found this out when needed now. I have my meeting this week, so will look on a positive note.

    • tracy

      Hi ime a rep for usdaw and I have been supporting my members through the tupe process I recieved some info yesterday that usdaw is in discusions still with tesco and timpson for the priviledge card or card for life also the shares in success also terms and conditions etc so dont rule anything out yet is what I would like to say also the info is there for ur rep but if I can help at all just ask

  • tesco worker

    The big swap and then not hearing nothing is doing my head in but exciting new stuff. I want to know what is going into these stores, are they putting in canvas machines, instant prints also posters machine? If it’s just going to be the instant kiosks it’s going to be abit crap.

  • tesco worker

    Hi tracy i had my meeting mon i got told not keeping discount and i have been with tescos 21 years not happy about it.

    • tracy

      I know usdaw is trying to get the card for life for employees that have got a combined service and age of over 80 like staff would have if they left the company naturaly.I have to say I agree with alot of your comments and I also know all the information is there for ur reps instores u just have to ask for it and its no more or less than ime sure uve all had already .Its a horrible process and I know in the lab in my store there r 4 people very upset and all with different circumstances to be considered.ime not sure when we will have more info from usdaw but as soon as I know anything I will post it up for u.

  • Andy

    I have been a Tesco employee for 7 years in the Photo Lab and have been disgusted the way Tesco and USDAW have treated the Photo staff moving to Tesco.

    I had my TUPE and was informed if I dont move to Timsons (Max Speilman) on 28th April then I dont have a contract with Tesco and its ‘Goodbye’. There are no jobs in my store in which to transfer too but as I am only part-time I am considering leaving altogether.

    There has been no support from either camps. I was very surprised to hear that USDAW have agreed the TUPE with Tesco – am sure not much of a fight was put up from USDAW.

    I spoke to my Union Rep and the reply I got was ‘USDAW dont run Tesco or tell them what to do’ – he informed me that the Counter staff (Deli & Meat) are probably next in line to be sold off to another business.

    I am disappointed at losing the discount and share scheme and I hear the photo staff will be wearing a ‘pink’ uniform !!

    • tracy

      No pink uniform andy its dark blue and burgandy

      • Andy

        Well Tracey – I suppose I could live with that.

        Questions that I couldn’t get answers to at the TUPE meeting with Management were:

        1. How long will the T+C’s (rate of pay, sickness pay etc..)last when staff move to Timsons – 4 weeks, 4 months etc.. before Timsons can change them.

        2. If the Photo Shop is not making a profit are Timsons obliged to stay a certain length of time in the store.

        I understand Timsons do not have a Union. What I found laughable is USDAW want a way to ‘advise’ Timsons staff but they are not able to represent staff. As in we still want your Union contributions but we cannot represent you in any way !!!!

    • Rad

      We need to meet Timpsons people now to get more informations. Why do we need to wait for everything last minute.

  • tracy

    Andy question 1 rate of pay is being looked at as to sick pay etc this all falls under tupe and comes ubder continous service so in effect its you working for timpson the length of time youve been with tesco. Question 2 no obligation to stay but timpsons have put alot of money into this venture so ime sure they will give it their all.And as for ur last question if u chose to stay an usdaw member the ao of ur area would be able to advise u as at the moment usdaw is not recognised by timpson.

  • Vic

    Hi everyone. I’m not a Tesco employee but I spend A LOT in the photo shop. Do any of u know whether the Tesco online photo shop will still exist? Thanks x

    • dave (tesco photo staff)

      Yes vic. i am told that max will still operate the tesco on-line service as before.

  • Max Employee

    I’ve worked for Max Spielmann for 8 years, six of them working for Timpson after there takeover in 2008 and can say I couldn’t of wished for a better employer. If you’ve a pasision for what you do then your in safe hands! With this and the recent takeover of snappy snaps they’re pretty much the front runner in the photo industry and the business is going from strength to strength. It’s an exciting time in the company and for those that are joining you’ll love it :)

  • Photo colleague

    I am a photo lab colleague , I am in shock
    As 7 weeks ago was told we should move
    To timpsons or look on Tesco website for jobs
    As Tesco will not , create any positions
    For us in store!! Then this week over 50
    Team leaders in our store were told that
    Their job roles were being made redundant
    And effectively Tesco will be CREATING
    Over 50 new GA positions for these
    Colleagues !!!!! How is this …. And please
    Don’t want to hear oh there jobs still there
    As it isn’t it’s been made redundant… Which
    Means they cannot replace that position ??
    Questions need answering !? Why are we
    Being treated different and unfairly !!!?
    What is usdaw doing about this!??!

  • Andy

    USDAW – as usual seem to have done very little – except to wholeheartedly aggree to the proposals.

  • dave (tesco photo staff)

    I feel i have to agree that in-store usdaw have been very slow on the uptake. now i’m not sure whether that’s incompetence on their part or just very lax communication from this whole process to and from the top?! either way, its infuriating and quite maddening as i myself feel a bit raped on my fees over the last 5yrs! Very testing time for all the lab staff and i don’t think any of us have it any easier or harder than the next person as i’m sure we all agree, we’ve all put sweat and tears into our areas. For the people who will be transfering to Max, i say – watch the space and just embrace the changes and stay positive. Part of the reason Tesco have handed this over is because they realise that they maybe haven’t been running the photoshops to their fullest potential and i for one agree!! This could be the opportunity to not just see all our hard work pay off but maybe even pocket a few extra quid into the bargain with the bonus incentives max offers. It’s not all doom and gloom guys!! Those of you staying with Tesco and not moving over – you have your own needs just as everyone else so, may whatever role you step into be a good foot forward. Chin up peeps! :-)

  • Jay

    I agree usdaw in-store have not been forthcoming with any information, I work in photo shop and was shocked when heard the news about going to max, but feel more positive now, as way Tesco have treated us so unfair, now hearing what is happening to TL’s just going downhill for Tesco, they should start looking at managers half of them are not needed in our store, walk about with their iPhones or chatting on floor with another manager, our TL sorts everything out for us, stays behind when needed. Our manager has not come to our photo lab since October does not speak to us, but that’s same as most of managers in our store, in their ivory tower, but if can see that collapsing in near future

  • JT

    I agree with you Jay. I work in the photolab and we the GA’s run it ourselves with out help from management or tl. When we confronted our manager as to why we never see him, his response was “honestly they (store manager and non food trading manager) dont want me down her and rather I stay up on the combined desk”.Pathetic if you ask me.

    I even got told in my one to one that they were thinking of moving me in the store to help me progress for managment. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. Their loss though and besides from what ive been reading about the situation with tl,s I cant help but think ive dodged a bullet there.

    But to all my fellow photolab assistants, both wet and dry lab, I say bring on max spielmann. Lets stick together and try and keep what moral we have left at its highest. Just remember 4 weeks left

  • darren

    anyone heard from or seen a speilmann manager yet in tesco?

    • CARLY

      Not seen or heard from any Speilmann manager yet. I think it’s a disgrace that a company as large as Tesco who recruit throughout the year cannot find room for the small number of staff in each store that are affected. Even if staff were surplus for a short time it would only mean that some posts which will no doubt be advertised at a cost would not need to be. Also the cost in training a new member of staff will not be incurred. What do you think about us being sold off as a business asset? I am disappointed to find that after 22 years of service I am a mere statistic in the Tesco Logbook. Surely the mixed messages from managers about “yes we will have an alternative job for you in store if you don’t want to move” and rumours of redundancy surly we have a case against them! Please share our case!

  • tesco worker

    I Think its disgusing how the union can let us be treated like this.

  • tesco worker

    Well after working for tescos over 21 years i will not be shopping in there again if they take the discount away its disgusing i never asked for this to happen.

  • Mel

    What’s happening with Pfs Team Leaders????

  • tesco worker

    Our teamleader came under non food.

  • Photo Lab Staff

    In our store, probably along with every lab up and down the country, an array of emotions have happened; shock, uncertainty, betrayal, anger, fear, anticipation… Then along with these emotions came the physical and mental effects; headaches/migraines, sleeplessness, stress, anxiety … Then there’s the frustration; managers telling you not to worry, they are there for you, the questions asked still not being answered, the uncertainty as to how all this is going to affect the rest of our lives … Somewhere along the line, one simple fact seems to have been forgotten – we are first and foremost human beings who have lives and concerns, not a commodity being sold off.

    Our store does not feel the instore managers or union reps are at fault – they can only give information and support when and if they are given the tools to do so.

    In my opinion, the people responsible for ensuring the transition happened effectively are Tesco and Usdaw Head offices. The fact that this is the first time Tesco have tupe’d out is insignificant. Common sense and a moral obligation to have got this right is key, and Tesco have been negligent. Simple things would have gone a long way, for example, the pensions team should have put together a layman’s terms comparison between the two pension schemes for those of us who have little to no knowledge about the subject.

    The list of faults made by Tesco are many. However, having heard what a fantastic company Timpsons are to work for, I am of the mind that Tesco have done us a favour. Trust me, I wasn’t always this rational about it, and there is still a feeling of bitter disappointment that this is happening. But it is my belief that these things happen for a reason, and that this is a blessing in disguise.

    I wish everyone who has been affected by this the best for the future, whatever it may have in store for all of us. We can only walk away from this stronger and wiser – we hope!!

    • darren


  • Sue almost ex Tesco worker

    What I don’t understand is how come the media has not got hold of all this takeover business. This site is the only place it has been mentioned!
    Also when are they going to tell the customers, as they wont be happy if they come into store one day and the lab is being pulled to pieces. They go nuts if we have to turn the hour off so as we can have our dinner break!!!

  • hi all. i am in the the same boat as everone else. i feel the same as most of you do. I thank the Max guys for their comments. i get a little heart back after reading what all coments but, WE tesco staff have been SHIT ON and there is no other way of putting it, sorry. I have spent the last 5 years on Tech Support before going to the lab and i have only been in the lab 9 months. On Tech Support, Tesco have trained and put money into my ongoing path and now say that the Photo Franchise has been put out to tender. To all you Max guys, Please stay in touch and give us Tesco guys a heads up if you can. For me personaly, roll on the take over, i am so wanting to get to grips with all that is new. BRING IT ON and bye bye tesco

  • We’ve got no choice

    Hi guys

    Along with all of you we are angry and upset that what has happened to us after working there for so long. Unlike the majority of you guys my store have been told that we’ve got 30 days to either get a job in another Tesco’s or leave. As MS arnt going to go with a lab in our store as they’ve got one in the local town. We’ve also been told that the store is over houred. Can’t believe we’re getting chucked out like this…. Disgusting

    • darren

      I would have thought that the company could only expect/corner you to work at another tesco as an alternative to redundancy (something they’ve told us they’re not doing) if the travel to your new place of work is within reasonable distance for you to manage and that the new role is one which matches to a resonable extent your current working conditions! check this out legally through tupe. My heart goes out to you. Also try your “MAX” in town and see if they can offer you anything since you’ve been stiffed on a transfer.

  • Andy

    Has anyone got any updates as to what is happening with the takeover. I have not been told anything since my TUPE. I have asked management and no-one seems to know or care.

    I noticed that the TUPE transfer of staff is now included in the Share Scheme so when we ‘leave’ Tesco we do not have to pay Tax and Insurance on the shares when they are sold.

  • Rachael


    tomorrow myself and fellow photo lab staff are going for a meeting so hope to find out whats going on . Think all four of us are moving over to ms and im looking forward to it . New future awaits us .

    • tesco worker

      Good luck with Meeting let us know how it goes if you don’t mind please.

      • Rachael


        I think it went well .everyone seemed happy . Still waiting for a few bits of info on shares but apart from that the 3 ladies we met where really nice and very informative and i will look forward to the transfer over to ms x

  • lied to

    we were told this ‘tupe’ was a good thing for us, but when you look into it, we are only covered for the initial change over, timsons can change our contract after only a few months.
    when the dust has settled, I’m guessing there will be more changes.
    has anyone thought about wage payments? are timsons wages department ready? no I doubt it, so be prepared for incorrect-late pay.
    I feel extremely aggrieved, I thought I would stay with Tesco until I retired, but it looks like I’m job hunting, very difficult at my age.
    sorry, is it timson? Timpson? or max spielburg? see how much I care lol

  • Jay

    Our photo dept have still not been told of any meetings with ms, personnel is no where to be seen for us to ask questions, and union still have not been in store and spoke to members, what a lot of crap of Tesco running the show, and union, supposed to be with ms by end of month what have union done, f shit.

    • tesco worker

      Yep you said it all Jay union shit all the money they had out of us over the years

    • Timpson Colleage

      Which store are you from Jay?

  • Photo lab colleague

    We have our meeting with m/s on Tuesday here’s hoping for some positive news .jay wot store are you in ?? You should know date m/s representative will be with you by now????

  • Rachael

    We only found out about the meeting on tuesaday . Think its going by each area so it will happen x

  • Andy

    Still assume this is progressing as planned – my TL phoned me 2 days ago to say a Timsons representative would be in store Thursday to have a chat with the Photo Shop staff – unfortunately none of us were there (holidays etc….) so he was gonna meet with the Timsons Rep with the Personnel Manager.

    I got a text from TL asking for my uniform size and should hopefully have a chat with TL on Saturday to find out what was said.

  • lied to

    has anyone else had the question and answer sheets?

  • big bad mama

    as a tesco photo lab worker for 15 yrs and an usdaw rep for quite a few too… i also feel very sold down the swanee river.. i have only ever worked on the labs feel like i’ve been a loyal worker, never interested in other depts (maybe thats a shame now)
    i also thought i’d work there til my retirement in 17yrs or so.. we were never told we’d have guaranteed jobs with tescos.. in fact they told us nothing.. i wasn’t that surprised.. i’ve known i’m just a number to them for many years. Maybe being a rep, i’ve seen the worst of tescos and i see the comments about usdaw selling us out?? maybe they didn’t do the right thing by us, but i do know that its been essential to be a union member in such a company..
    i’ve spoken to max workers and timpsons and they don’t seem to have a negative attitude that is prevalent in tescos, so finally i may work my twilight years at a job i love with a company that actually recognises my hard work for who i am and not some brown nosing buddy skills that take you far in my current company…
    as for losing the privilege card.. now tesco has lost a faithful customer for 15yrs… if timpsons are anywhere near the innovative company to work for we’ve heard about, then i might find myself a much happier employee than i’ve been for some years. bring it on timpsons, treat me fair and i’ll keep your customers happy.. give my very best.. as ever!!!

  • Jay

    Still cannot believe union as not came in on what is happening with shares especially our 2015. Cannot believe all those years of wasting money paying for something which is no good, Anyway, has anyone had their meeting and how did it go, I am meeting with mine today

  • tesco worker

    Had my meeting today not sure honest how this is going work

  • lied to

    we’ve had our meeting, all very up beat obviously, from what I can gather, we are being given a foto lab, and we, the staff, are given the means to make it work, we sort ourselves out, we do taking sheets and deal with the cashing up, but honestly? I cant see how they are going to make any money?
    and the uniform? really? we have to wear that colour? not very professional looking is it?

    • darren

      Ha ha ha. Still i have store managers asking me what i’m gonna do. Really? Are they reffering to the “move over or job centre option i wonder?!) Baffling how some people still think there’s a fair alternative out there to be had. Still confused about upside down management?? i gather so far that i’ts a way for managers to be paid to run around the country fixing broken staplers while shop staff balance books on a lesser pay? Signed…. hoping to be proved wrong!

  • max s

    I work for Max and Timpson and they are an amazing company. Upside management is there to help YOU do the job you need to do. Therefore you run the branch as if it is your own business! The customers come first and we are given the freedom to do whatever we can in order to give them great customer service! It really is a world apart from any other company. The area managers and owners of the company visit regularly and are all truly amazing. Honestly all you Tesco guys and gals you have nothing at all to worry about. Good luck to you all!!!! And welcome to Max!!!

    • Max staff

      Hi I back your comment up 100% I have been with max spielmann 11 years and timpsons are the best company to be with especially now with what’s happening it’s all for the best and it’s your future that is going to be bright and successful so take on board what we say I know it’s frustrating and you are all angry with what is going on and you have not been told a lot of things but like we said it’s all for you guys and ur future you will enjoy working with our company so hold tight for a few weeks longer.

  • Darren

    Banking by candlelight awaits. Lol. Gonna be interesting attempting to shut up “shop” cash up and sort end of day paperwork on your own in a business thats open to your customers 24hrs?

  • tesco worker

    Glad im not only to feel like you Darren how im going do it at 1 30 in afternoon if shift is not covered. X

    • Darren

      Often i too have had to “close” early cos of hols, sickness or just purely not enough staff and the customers just will not and do not accept or understand this and carry on using the machines even when you tell them youre closed so, yes, its going to be dreadful some days without a doubt. Thanks max worker for your positive feedback but you all have doors to close on your shops. What we want is a promise of staff not caravans in skeggie.

      • Andy

        I understand safe’s are going to be installed in the Photo Lab’s for staff to use when they cash up at night.

        In my store the Tech Team guys and Price Integrity Team use the Photo Lab as their office – I wonder if shutters will be provided to shut the Lab to stop people just wondering into the Lab and lifting what they want and using the place as a dumping ground for non-food items when they cant be bothered putting them on the shelves !!

        I had my meeting last week and as stated it all seems very upbeat – am meeting a Timson representative tomorrow to raise any concerns I have – where do I start !!

  • Pixel Fairy

    Actually the Tesco photo group is one of the only parts of the business that has been making profits increasing year on year.

    The decision was really forced on Tesco by the manufacturer of the machinery they use in the labs Hewlett Packard.

    Hewlett Packard’s new leader CEO One of the many decisions She and her team have made is to close the Hewlett Packard retail photographic printing division that manufactures the equipment Tesco use in these Labs. Tesco Photo Management were told all the labs and equipment must be DE installed by early 2015 as Hewlett Packard would provide no parts no software support or warranty. Neither would Hewlett Packard allow another service provider or SME from the business area take over the warranty or liability so this equipment could be left running. Tesco Photo management had to look quickly for an alternative solution . The obvious one comes from Outsourcing the Photo Department. This has actually saved jobs as the new company will offer employment to some if not all of the photo staff. Tesco other choice would have been to turn off all the equipment scrap it and get rid of all the staff. This has also effected a large number of independent Photo shops that invested in Hewlett Packard equipment and some other rather large retailers worldwide.

  • max s

    I am based in a supermarket and have shutters and find no problems in running my branch as well as cashing up and closing. We do have quite a few max shops in supermarkets though were not all on the high st. Timpsons are in many supermarkets too so don’t worry they will be able to look after your concerns

  • darren

    Everybody’s concerns including my own are all symptoms of a rushed, hushed and quite frankly “thoughtless” process whereby i think most tesco photo staff have been left shaken, confused and angry! The lack of information fed to us has only compounded this which has led to dis-trust of the whole transfer and pretty much anything anyone is “promising” at the moment. some shops will be designated refits but, as i understand, this is going to be a loose 18 month process which i worry is going to be the period of real struggle and need in the labs (especially for the ones where staff is at absolute minimum already! Also, Andy raises a fair point with security issues; shop floor Staff entering the labs out of hours to take things without consent or dumping p.o.s is rife. Who’s gonna be libel there if anything is stolen? Time will tell you say – Doesn’t stop the worry and anger. Max worker – angry at how the process has been handled. Not at Timpson/Max wanting to succeed in business.

  • Jay

    Hi, I cannot believe that our personnel or manager have just completely blanked on this issue, in early march we aired our concerns with tesco e.g shares, pension, plus shares in success 2015 ones, no one has got back to us. And we are supposed to start with ms on 28th April, nothing has been signed, had no training yet with ms on their tills or any of their procedures, looks like last minute rush.
    Could do with being away for month when all calmed down

  • Andy

    I had a Timsons guy in with me on Saturday – showing me the till and safe etc…. According to him it will be business as usual until the store gets a refit with the new machines and kiosks.

    Come the 28th April, all that will change is staff in a Timsons uniform using a Timson till – the machines and products will be what we are currently using. Any issues with the machines we have to contact Timsons and they will contact Veritec or some other 3rd Party.

    Tesco staff will be told they are no longer allowed to enter the Photo Shop but we will still be allowed use of the canteen and other facilities.

  • tesco worker

    so do we shut go ? Most of the times it be shut due to no staff then. I can see problems happening its not been thought of at all.

  • darren

    been advised nothing on the share front either. not from personnel or anyone so, gonna be a long phone call to equinity….. on tesco time me thinks!!!! didn’t expect a leaving present or even an ounce of gratitude but, advice on how to release our money and when would be beneficial. tempus fugit n all that!!

    • Andy

      Darren – once we move to Timsons the SAYE scheme ends and any shares we have with Tesco are sold. There is now a stipulation that staff who ‘leave’ Tesco under a TUPE contract are exempt from paying tax and National Insurance on the shares that will be sold.

      Tesco get a pay rise in July but with Timson I think we have to do a year with them before we qualify for a pay rise so it will be July 2015.

      • darren

        cheers Andy.

  • tesco worker

    Darren i got told norhing i can so about shares to keep them we get money in wages in a couple months. If you ring can you put it on here please what they say.

  • Darren

    Just a shame our pensions don’t transfer across. Tesco is the only company I know of that doesn’t allow for this! Guessing they probably use the money in there. Hmmmm.

  • Max Worker -1 Year

    Hi Guys,

    I have worked for Max for just under 1 year and wow. The BEST company to work for. Not saying this to make you all feel better but the family run company really does look out for you, with all the benefits and extras you will be pleasantly surprised.

    There is a great bonus scheme where if you take more in the shop, you earn more, simple. They are also big on promoting from within so you may see more and faster improvements in your career than you would have done at tesco.

    Keep your chins up, enjoy the ride, welcome to the family :)

  • Rachael

    Your pension will get frozen til your penison is released at retirement x

    • darren

      Well i just would have thought it might have been easier, less complicated on the employee if tesco could have released it and moved it over with the t’s + c’s?! Confused how this works.x

  • tesco worker

    Its frozen Darren until you reach retirement. You will start a new one up with timpsons. X

  • darren

    Well lets hope there are no more tupe’s after this then or by the time eligibility gets here, will have lost track which company has what money in its vaults! lol. Big day almost here. Everyone feeling confident??

  • rachael

    Vaguely optimistic and terrified. 😉

  • photolab worker

    Should be a learning curve all round. here’s to it guys. x

  • Kenny

    Had final meeting with PM today, all shares including 2015 bonus will be paid out in about 3 months tax and insurance free.

  • tesco worker

    Im not im scared of the till and not being able to ask any of the tescos staff to help out any more.

    • Rachael

      Me too . Ive only been on lab since dec and had no trainibg and work on my own so il be a wreck if something stops working :-(

  • Andy

    Had my final meeting with Tesco PM to ask any questions about the move and to clear up any questions I had raised before.

    I got my ‘Goodbye’ letter – not even printed on Tesco headed paper !!

    Regarding the Pension it states the relevant Department will contact me regarding the options available.

    It also states on the last day (28th April) I will receive my P45 and any outstanding monies due to me. The final insult was that they asked for the Tesco uniform to be returned to them !!

    I felt really depressed after as it felt like I was leaving the store – just a weird sensation that one day I am a Tesco employee and the next I will still be doing the same job for a new company.

  • Darren

    End of an era. Dont think the end of anything is ever good. All we can hope is that ms/timpson look after us now and are there during any hours of need (and there may be a few). May you hang your head in shame tesco purely on your lack of empathy and interpersonal skills alone! Investors in people??? Not so sure. Certainly the 1st p45 i’ve ever had for working my ass off!

    • Andy

      I met the Timson Rep a few weeks ago – he was very positive about the move and its obviously in their best interest to make the Photo Shops work. It will be ‘business as usual’ until the refit. My store is to be maintained as a wet lab – using the DKS / AKS machines but we will be making photo gifts in store also – canvases, posters, mugs, cushions and also taking Passport photographs.

      The new uniform seems OK – blue / white checked shirt and a navy fleece – have to provide our own black trousers and black shoes.

      I was not impressed by the new till – cheques are still accepted and there won’t be barcodes to scan like we did in Tesco; a calculator is used to work out the total price which is then entered on the till in pence !!

      I have been very disappointed how the whole situation has been managed by Tesco. I feel gutted that I have given that company 7 years and I have spent a small fortune in shopping / petrol and not even offered the option of remaining in Tesco. Am looking forward to the move but a bit apprehensive also.

    • photo worker

      Couldn’t agree with you more, my last day tonight, no thanks no understanding at all.we were told to stop talking about it as we are still tesco staff till monday, and were not allowed any time to look at our new till our anything. No support or understanding about us needing to talk, just told off when we mention anything other than tesco.They asked us to go, and made us feel bad for being shocked and worried about our future.Looking forward to the future with Max.

  • Rachael

    Omg not looking forward to my last 2 shifts on sat&sun been with tesco since march 2005 . Im looking forward to going over to max but very nervous too . Just hope its smooth . Going in on mon 28th for a days training as tesco never gave me training and ive been on the lab since december . Good luck everyone xx

  • darren

    Max gonna be working ‘very’ closely with Tesco in respect of this operation. there’s a distinct air of fear present in Max’s tip-toeing around them some may say?! Give it a couple of months and Tesco will possibly have negotiated a “checkout / dot com relief deal!”
    Be aware of the replacement 10% discount cards from Max to give out in place of staff discount/points… bit of a red herring as this will impact on takings thus reducing bonus when eventually that kicks in. Good luck to everyone on the 28th. keep this page alive!!!!!!!! :-) xx

  • sian


    • Rachael w

      We had our uniform yestwrday x

  • tesco worker

    I have not got mine and its my last shift with tesco tomorow.

  • Andy

    Same here – the Timson Rep was in the store 2 weeks ago and took my shirt size, no mention was made as to when I would receive this.

    My last shift is this Saturday so I will probably just wear black trousers and a white shirt the following week – nothing associated with Tesco as they want the uniform returned to them. I wouldnt even wear a Tesco badge !!

  • darren

    Jogging bottoms and vest it may have to be. make our own designer badges out of sticky back plastic and some sticky tape! 😀

  • Sue almost ex Tesco worker

    We had our uniform on Monday, the Area Manager bought them up for us.
    Question is why don’t the shirts and the fleece have NO pockets!!! (the fleece pockets are just zips nothing else, going to be so annoying not having any pockets.

  • Kenny

    Uniforms are getting delivered Friday 25th by DX courier.

  • Michael

    Finished last shift Thursday, be glad finished with tesco, all they have done is lied to us throughout whole process, union no where to be seen, maybe should all try to claim refund on money being paid to them for doing f…all.
    But no surprise there tesco and union work together. Just to say good luck on all that have gone to m.s, they seem quite nice, from people that I have seen.

    • tesco worker

      So true what you have said good luck. X

  • Darren

    Shouldnt really have expected too much from our union. It probably never dawned on any of its tesco members that all its reps happen to get paid by the people we may require them to fight cases against! Bit of a self preservation, not rocking the boat in already rough seas situation! All gave our money away a little too freely in this case im afraid.

  • Rad

    Hi everyone.
    We have google group and if you would like to join us here is link

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please can you make your way over to our NEW private communication site. This is NOT the Facebook page I recently set up, this is with Google Groups instead. A much better website, a lot more professional-looking, and still private. You can find it at;

    1. When you go onto the page, click the option which states ‘Sign in to view this group’.

    2. You will then need to select ‘Create an account’.

    3. On the page which follows, could you please create a STORE account (not a personal account).

    4. Your first name will be your store name, and your surname will be your NEW MAX store number (if you know it, if not, just put your current Tesco store number), so for example, our store would have the first name Elgin, and the last name 2489 (as I did not know my new Max store number, I have used my Tesco one).

    5. Make your username your store name and number (again, preferably your new Max number, but if unknown, use your Tesco one), followed by ms, so for example, for my store here in Elgin, it would be elgin2489ms. This will create an email address, i.e. our store is

    6. Then, if you could make a password which all of your lab colleagues will remember (or write it down somewhere).

    – You MUST enter a date of birth, so anything here will do
    – You MUST enter a gender, again, it doesn’t matter which
    – You MUST put a mobile number. This is in order to verify the account, so you MUST make it a valid mobile number, accessible by one of your members of staff. The mobile number you supply will receive a verification code, which needs to be entered before the account is opened.
    – You DO NOT have to put a current email address.

    After this is done, you can then sign in to Google Groups, and request to be a member of the Max Spielmann – Communication for Colleagues group. This will send me a request, and I can add you to the group. It’s done this way so that the site stays private, and the public cannot view what we post.

    On the 27th of April, Yammer will be shut down for us, therefore it is important we get all stores signed up to our new communication page BEFORE the transfer.

    Many Thanks :)

  • Andy

    Hi Rad, have just applied for my store to be added to the group.

    • Rad

      Well done!

  • Rad

    Can we all move to our close group from yammer and from here without moaning-with big smile for new beginning!!’
    All the best everyone and see you in google group

    • redruth3582

      Only just seen the blog about the communication page. Is there any chance of becoming part of it at this late stage please? Really sorry to be a pain. Hoping you still check this blog!!

  • Net

    Hi, Iv worked for Max for 20 years and I’m very happy. Iv just spent the day in a Tesco store …. lovely people….. and just wanted to say Welcome aboard everyone :)

  • ex tesco now happy max worker

    Does anyone else find it wierd in five months this is the only site that has reported about our takeover. It’s not been in any other news at all considering its such a big take over.

  • Jenny Evans

    I am a regular visitor to the photo lab at tesco, western favell, northampton. The ladies that work there are the most helpful, knowledgeable and experienced. Nothing is too much trouble. I truly hope that their work will be appreciated and rewarded with this new takeover.

  • darren

    only big to us. a mere drop in the ocean for tesco and the photo side of its business was never as much in the public eye as the transfer of the fuel drivers to stobbart. I have customers to this day who have shopped at tesco for years yet never even knew it had a photo dept until they stumbled accross it accidentally. loving every minute of MAX!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Went into a Tesco this morning to print some photos, assumed that as the store was open the photo shop would be too? Wrong!!! Max Spielmann have changed the hours so the photo shop is unmanned until 9am (and the board showing the new hours was hidden behind a monitor screen), so when the photo print machine error’ed I had to stand around waiting until someone from Max Spielmann (a very unhappy ex-Tesco employee) arrived.

    Service is definitely WORSE under Max Spielmann – wish I had driven a few extra miles and gone to Asda…

  • Lost customer

    Popped out to my local Tesco to enquire about enlargements at the weekend. In the process of being taken over, some new brand posters up but no information or price lists available. Checked opening times, so returned this evening with pictures on memory card to place order, only to find they have now changed the times and are closing at 6, when it said 9 at the weekend. Not possible to make this due to work, so will be placing my orders elsewhere in future. 24 hour supermarket – used to be able to order pictures 24 hours a day. Now the booths only work 9 til 6 ! May end up doing my shopping elsewhere as well, if they do photo ordering after 6.

  • darren

    not sure what’s happening accross the board but our Spielmann in Tesco store is open 8am til 8pm all days except Sundays. I would have assumed this would apply to all Tesco stores???? very odd indeed. The catalogues are in the printing process.

  • darren

    Lost customer, i really don’t think it would make great financial sense for max to pay staff to guard an empty photoshop through the night on the off-chance someoone pops by at 4:30 am!! Tesco itself only operates on the automated self serve checkouts through the night. most photoshops are equipped with all night pay by card instant photo machines should you feel the need. Max wants to be able to operate on regular high street business hours along with the rest of its shops! Tesco photoshop hours (to my knowledge)have never been open 24 hours for business! enlargements can be ordered on-line anytime to be collected during opening hours. always a shame to lose customers especially since Max are really starting to find their way and all staff working very very hard to provide spectacular service!

  • Aaron powell

    I don’t work anywhere in tescos but I’m from Swindon and I think it’s bad that they have got a canvas outside that’s got written on it ( we are cheaper than pixi photos) surely they can’t do that! That’s stealing customers surely, obviously can’t get there own customers any other way so have to steal others, the pictures were poor, it’s like they have printed it on tesco value photo paper.. Won’t be going back there again…To be honest iv always used pixi photos and had top photos done, lots of different props, nice backdrops, friendly staff, and at least they give you prices unlike these, they will give you prices after you have had the photos done. they don’t give u no prices so how do u seriously know what they are charging you???? And well pixi photos prices are a very good price for the top quality photos you have done… So honestly people I wouldn’t even bother with this company! It’s just a poor way of having a selfie done while shopping with a silly white and black dropsdowns they have!!And mouse mats and mugs that’s so out of date now, and you get them cheaper online anyways!! Happy snapping you poor excuse of a photographic company!!!!!!

    • stuart

      Aaron if it was not allowed to put on a product “we are cheaper than” then all the adverts from supermarket chains should be banned as they clearly state and i quote “thats cheaper than tesco, morrisons and sainsburys” i would hardly say pixi are a good price when they do a framed collage print at £202 vs max spielmanns exact same item at £50 which includes the portrait shoot, and i dont see anywhere that pixi do 10 photos for £5.99 a disc of images for £10? a quick search of pixi prices brings up a shoot which costs £205 (for 5 prints) then you can purchase the disc after for an additional £100 so thats £305 and it says in the small print that doesnt include frames so i would expect alot more props etc, the same shoot at max spielmann would cost £80 unframed with disk.
      £180 including frames and disc so that to me is a very good price (prices correct at time of my rant) it is the photograper that takes a good shot not the name of the company

  • tesco worker

    Max is not what its cracked up to be. All talk at meeting want you to work for nothing not been with them long and they trying it on with hours. Well im not working for nothing not there for fun. Never asked for all this take me back to tesco

  • tesco worker

    Max is not what its cracked up to be. All talk at meeting want you to work for nothing not been with them long and they trying it on with hours. Well im not working for nothing not there for fun. Never asked for all this take me back to tes

  • darren

    just stick to tupe and do not deviate towards any change of hours. that said, Max can (where reasonable to do so) move your contracted hours within the shop to suit the (needs of the business) there’s that magical phrase again!!!

  • Rasmus

    The new Tesco’s Max Spielmann Service is extremly customer unfriendly:
    Their Self Serve Computer System is a sheer nightmare!!! With the old Tesco’s system you could choose a foto size and then pick all the fotos you want to have done in that size in one go…Now you have to go through 7 different steps for every single foto. Furthermore it is not possible to see which fotos you have already choosen… Plus one mistake and you have to go through the whole process again. A customer service advisor told me sarcasticly: You know, they think that makes things easier!!!

    To sum it up: Before Max Spielmann took over it took me 2 minutes to order 10 8×10 prints…Now it takes me, ONLY, 20 minutes… That is if I don’t touch the wrong icon and have to start all over again!!! Bloody idiots they are!!!

  • tesco worker

    What a shit company to work for Tesco staff was all stitched up big time. And has for the union they need to give all the staff money back that they had paid into the union all the years for letting this transfer go a head with out a fight for the workers

  • Graham Follett

    Ah, so that’s what has happened. The service has suddenly gone down the pan, and then I noticed the email address for queries and my receipt and became suspicious. Does not bode well. My local store suddenly disappeared off the list, then when it appeared again the service has gone from 1 hours to 7 days. But I’m stuck as the other ‘nearest’ stores are just not convenient, and I have paid in advance for prints in bulk. Well done yet again Tesco, if they can’t make a mint out of every little thing they do they dump it.

  • lyn Foster

    Dont scan your photos at Tescos. They charge 1.99 a print. Go to Boots exactly the same quality and only 39p for a 6×4 print. Disgusted with Tescos.

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