News – Tesco set to restructure stores (again)..

Breaking news (initially via VeryLittleHelps) is that Tesco are embarking upon another store restructure and a pilot of 13 stores in the East Midlands area, has seen the team leader (supervisor) position eliminated with colleagues in those positions stepping down to a standard general assistant role.

Checkouts and online are exempt from this, with team leaders remaining in place, with the focus clearly being on service departments. To make up for the lost team leader positions, extra management roles will be created on nights and training to make up for the lost team leaders.

Redundancies have also been offered to some colleagues in team leader positions, with other managerial roles also being rationalised. This is overdue in many respects as word on the ground appears to point to roles such as ‘events manager’ which isn’t particularly a full time managerial role in this day and age.

Managerial changes are structured around merging grocery and warehouse together (as a commentator points out, JS didn’t merge these, it was administration and warehouse combined to form ‘commercial’) and eliminating other roles (as above). It looks to be across all formats in the pilot with department managers changing to ‘team managers’.

It’s unclear if managers will have to re-apply for the new roles but it looks likely, the change is being flagged as a better experience for customers. It will certainly free up more staff on the shop floor as team leaders can often be folly for poor performing managers.

It is only a pilot with 13 stores as things stand, but if it works then it’ll be rolled out across the business and will represent a cost saving, along with a leaner management structure.

Whatever the benefits, it’s a worrying time for the colleagues affected.

UPDATE – It seems unclear whether is across all formats, certainly Superstore and Extra but Metro and Express may well get a different consideration, team leaders are as crucial in these formats.

UPDATE 1 – Deputy store managers it seems are indeed to disappear, with Express also included in this change. However they gain a manager which will make a massive impact at convenience level. Larger Express stores could have 6 managers. This trial, my source believes should free up the store manager to get onto the shop floor.

UPDATE2 – The changes mean that the expectation will be for managers to be on the shop floor, leading by example.

UPDATE3 – A communication has gone out to store managers this evening, confirming that the trial is taking place in the 12 stores and that nothing is concrete until the trial is completed.

The communication points out that store structures haven’t been reviewed in 10 years, overall headcount won’t reduce as a result of this trial, with the focus on speeding up decision making and freeing up colleagues on service and availability.

It’s not about cutting costs the email continues, about loving customers and improving the shopping trip. The pilot / trial is just that and will be reviewed before rolling changes any further.

Changes are then discussed –

  • Some Lead manager roles are removed and a number of lead manager roles are being created.
  • Larger stores – lead managers will complete the majority of duty management.
  • Line manager role removed and replaced by team manager roles.
  • Most team leader roles removed, team supports is the new role and retained on high headcount departments (checkouts/.com)
  • Investment is made into Express, with a further colleague added to complete duty management.

The email continues to discuss that they are in conversations to help transition colleagues to new roles and support those whose salaries are affected as a result.

New stores will also be considered as they open with regards to structure, to understand how the changes work for all before a further decision is made.

Grocery Insight offer an email subscription service with deeper insight into what this move may mean for Tesco, and considerations of how other retailers in the UK space operate.

  • A disgruntled TL

    Thanks for this Steve, it was your initial tweet that led me to VLH. I rang my opposite number at one of the trial stores and he confirmed much of what was written there. As this is a trial its currently not well known. In fact I’m the only one who knows in my store. I dare not say anything for fear of being disciplined for causing a panic. I am now very worried for the future. I have no interest in being a CA again (and I can’t afford a £3000 a year pay cut). If this trial is going to work its going to require a serious culture change within Tesco, at present managers mostly pick and team leaders run the departments. The team leader position was introduced a decade to recognise the trusted GAs who helped run the department alongside the manager. If the culture doesn’t change I can see when managers need help or on holiday management looking to a trusted CA for help and that would most likely be the former TL they just made step down, if they do that to me they can go stuff themselves. All I can do now is nervously wait to see what happens

    • Clare

      I can 100% relate to your concerns as I myself is in the same boat

    • Concerned colleague

      Hi mate what are the trial stores?

      • Disgrunted TL

        As far as I know Corby, Weston Favell, Kettering and Leicester Beaumont Leys and 8 others

        • jojo

          I’m in Kettering and there is nothing change yet.
          Weston Favell, corby, Northampton south,

    • si

      I am in the same position £3000 pay cut would financially cripple me and my fiance as were saving for a house, who will sort the departments out when all the managers just pick on dotcom the minuet there through the door, this is head office not fully thinking about the impacts off there actions, Teamleaders are always the ones who start early, finish late, miss brakes, change holidays and this is what we get in return. They should try sorting the problem with the thousands of pounds of stock we pay for and dosen’t come through the door each week “shrink” .
      I like working for Tesco i enjoy my job and i always try my hardest for my team and department, and this is the thanks we get…. Nice one Philip, Thank you

  • How much longer a TL?

    I’m not sure if the TL role can be eliminated in Express where TLs are running shifts and are very much part of the management team. The TLs are also the pool from which Deputy Managers are drawn.

    I must say that the whole pace of work in Extras and superstores seems much slower than in Express.

    • ?

      I strongly agree this would be wrong to do and I honestly have no idea what
      Philip Clarke is doing to this company!
      Two years ago we invested in staff in the biggest we had in ten years now this year we are making
      The biggest amount of cuts and have targets in every store to reduce staffing beyond any I have ever seen!
      The view of the TL in express clearly has lack of knowledge of superstores and extras and for that I can’t judge you on your views but don’t be mis guided! you clearly have a lot to understand!
      This is the first time we should all worry for our jobs! we are now just a number and not people

      • To

        I’ve been through a lot of teamleader roles inside TESCO in 10 years from superstore to extra and I have to agree you need a far bigger knowledge base to work in express compaired to bigger stores if ur sm or dm isn’t in ur it u have to know every role from pi to stock control cash merchandising fresh non food the works don’t think express is an easy number it’s the hardest to role I’ve been in yet but the most rewarding too yes we should all worry tesco tries many test out in stores to see most don’t make it but well see in the long run

        • Used and abused

          Well said can’t wait for it all to fall apart and then they work out that team leaders are the glue that holds everything together shame it will be to late by then for everyone effected x very sad enjoy your bonuses and profit margins !!

  • Phone Shop TL

    Anybody know if this affects Phone Shops, too??

    • Former Psm

      From what I know and heard there will be no new team leaders going into Phoneshop if you leave you post more than likely it will be advertised as a ga role even though phone shop is the 3rd most profitable part of our business no 1 being pharmacy 2nd pop up in square foot wise also it know all new Phoneshop lite jobs will be ga roles now too I never had a teamleader in my Phoneshop I had to avg 70 connections a week to even get considered so I had to rely on a key ga but it was unfair cause they weren’t getting the wage for it so if your sales remain around 70 avg you should be ok fingers crossed plus I’ve heard that tech is merging with Phoneshop tho I don’t know how the pay scale will work there

      • Clare

        Is there going to be a services team leader?

        • Mug

          I would like to know to

  • Sadie

    They just can’t help themselves can they?
    I don’t understand why they can’t see that the problem with the stores is that they’ve forgotten what made them great – clean, fresh, well stocked stores with plenty of helpful, welcoming staff who are proud and happy to work there
    Live the Values Tesco, because without them you’re going to continue to slide down that slippery slope!

    • norman

      totally agree..25 years with them and we need to go back to what was successful

      • tina wwisbey

        Tesco need to get back to what they started out as and that is a working class supermarket

    • boo

      so really gonna announce it on 1st april pretty sick joke if it is

  • Sunny

    Is this true? Or is it just a rumor that is going round like wild fire?
    Has anyone asked tesco directly? What’s happening in the smaller stores where team leader run the shop on there own..

  • Andy

    It seems that Tesco want to concentrate on the grocery side of the market and start to ‘hive off’ other parts of the business.

    The Photo Shop business to Timsons (Max Spielman) from 28th April.

    I have heard rumours the Counters (Meat / Deli / Bakery) could be next and where does it all stop – sell the clothing business or the Off-Licence etc…..

    Timsons have already set up business in Tesco with the dry cleaning and show repair. This seems to be the direction they are moving to.

  • Mark

    Well I have been a team leader with Tesco for over 8 years now and I have done options I came off that after 2 years with no support at all with it but still managed to be a duty manager for nearly a year so I pulled the plug on that as was fed up with the whole thing and it was not cause I would not be signed off as duty as I came off options 1 week before my sign off day it’s because the options system is pants rite rant over lol . As I said I have been a duty manager as part of options training so I know how important a team leader is to their manager. I also work within a metro format and I can see managers really struggling if they lose their TLs as I’m a team leader I work very close with the store manager(this guy never spoke to me for a month after I came off options as he wanted me to be his fresh manager) and he deals with TLs within depts rather than the managers

    • tina wwisbey

      you have hit the nail on the head with every word u have printed, Tesco breed’s and live’s off people who want to get on in life, I have known people who have been lead up the garden path been a team leader been on option’s done all the manager role’s and duty ect but when they go for manage role they get told they r not up to it shame they didn’t tell them before they put all those extra hour’s in they use people but the old Tesco’s would never have done that cos there staff mattered and if u have happy staff u have happy customer’s

  • Sadie

    I’m imagining what the conversations have been like in Tesco Towers for the last couple of years.

    “OMG we’re losing market share – what shall we do?”
    “Paint some stores, put out a press release, that’ll sort it.”

    “OMG takings are down – what shall we do?”
    “Buy some Giraffe cafes, put out a press release, that’ll sort it.”

    “OMG Aldi’s taking our customers – what shall we do?”
    “Pretend we like our customers, call it MMM, put out a press release..”

    “OMG it’s not working, what now?”
    “Restructure the stores. Put decent, loyal, hardworking Team Leaders in a position where they have to leave. Don’t breath a word to anyone though….”

  • jase

    tesco doing baddly, lest arsehole the team leaders who are usualy the ones who work over, come in early, stay later and generally do there own job aswell as the managers job to. this stinks of tesco saying its the staffs fault were failing, not the higher people in charge forgetting what made tesco good years ago. as a team leader i certainly wont do squat to help if we get screwed and im sure im not the only one to say/think this. i arent speaking for others but i give 110% at my job just to get pushed aside at any time.

    what happens to the tls who may get asked to step down. will it be like redundancy and paid out, will it be protected pay for so long. this certainly is worrying times for people like me.

  • defrost

    I work in an Extra Store, shopfloor team leader are just glorified general assistants (yes i was a team leader for 5 years). the only team leaders that genuinely pull their weight in respect of manager roles are the checkout team leaders. All the rest are overpaid GA’s, that do less work then the GA’s in our store anyway. it may be a shock to some, but necessary to save money. which would you choose, a pay cut or lose your job?.

    • Rebecca

      Totally agree that frontend team leaders absolutely work their backsides off to make sure the department is running smoothly and efficiently and that team leaders on other departments are paid the wage but do far less work than anyone! But also I think that Tesco have over looked the loyalty and commitment of their hard working staff and it is us that make the difference and keep the customers loyal with our service to make a profit for the “man” at the top. Staff levels in our store especially have dwindled over the last year as others are over staffed and anyone that leaves is not replaced, you find yourself working three, four times as hard to keep the store going and get no thanks from senior management for doing so, its just expected as a given! I don’t know about anyone else but I am of as late finding it very hard to keep that smile up!

    • ProducePete

      “Pull their weight in respect of manager roles are the checkout team leaders”

      What a lovely biased comment. Fancy doing a job swop on produce for 6 weeks?

    • ben

      We have about 8 checkout teamleaders on checkouts all on part time

      As for overpaid G.As? Some yes

      Buy I’m the space range and merchandising teamleader for my store with one part time collegue we don’t ask for support we just get on with it and half of the time sorting other teamleaders mistakes and messes, I’d like too see a checkout teamleader who basically only knows the front end do half of the physical and technical side our jobs

      Tesco is failing because it’s a crap company and way behind it’s times, this is a desperate thing to do and shows we are going down the pan 😉

      Start looking for other jobs rather than moaning

  • Me m

    Once again the rich get richer and the poor get poorer I given 7 years to this company and if my role goes this could cause my family to lose are home two fingers up at Tim Golding bet his house is safe

    • friend

      yes you r right all of these people who come up with these idea’s don’t have anything to worry about maybe if they took a pay cut us little people would still be able to keep a roof over our head’s

    • Don

      Well Tim Golding always covers himself in supposed glory. Hideous character who has sucked up at T for god knows how many years he’s been there. I hear he’s got the boot now as OD for SSS anyway…good riddance to the guy. If he was made of chocolate he would eat himself. He’s a dinosaur who needs putting out to grass in my opinion.

  • Alison

    If any management role should be cut it is personnel , what a complete and utter waste of time they are.
    Other more forward thinking companies centralise they’re HR department and just have a regional manager. I have been with Tesco on and off for 20 years now and know of some personnel managers who are on ridiculous salaries because of length of service (protected pay etc) and what do they contribute??? Absolutely nothing! They are glorified SYA manuals for the managers.
    When I think how many TL’s one store could employ with the personnel managers salary alone it’s sickening! Come on Tesco think about it!!!

    • Jim

      I agree the personnel in our store does nothing all day she is so up herself she will only talk to u if u r a manager or team leader I think she’s in the wrong job. As for getting rid of the team leader role it’s rubbish most of the tl in our store have been there years and they are older staff which work vey very hard it’s the new younger team leaders who walk around all day with a piece of paper in their hand trying to look important .as for recently signed of tl to managers they are the worsted they send them on 12 week placement them give them a little interview and they are made managers who haven’t got a clue about the day to day running of a busy store . In our store there are 32 mangers and 5 senior team why don’t they make the managers into team leaders they would save a fortune and keep the tl role

  • Moo

    I am a TL and I totally agree with you Sadie well said on all your points.
    I am a bakery TL and I can already feel the guillotine blade above my neck.
    Phew and I thought the only thing we had to worry about was my wife fighting for her civil service job later this year.
    Tough times ahead.

  • jase

    worst part of this whole p-take is finding out from an email sent to me from someone not a team leader or manager whos on holliday this week, why cant this f-king company be up front for once and let people know that there jobs are on the line instead or smashing you in the arse when your not looking. ive been with tesco nearly 20 years and cant see me leaving unless this leads to redundancy. as for the only team leaders who work are checkout teamleaders. am i missing something here. i dont want to start arguing between staff but dont talk through your ass dude. several managers, several team leaders. grab anyone and everyone when they want to for tills. where do you see them doing more than anyone else. glorified ga’s.. are you saying that teamleadesr should go. are you ssaying that they dont work and as such are ttp. you need to see the bigger picture. they might be a bunch of monkeys at your store but in ours they are the ones doing the lions share of the work every day.

    • Anne

      Nice one Jas. Totally agree with everything you say!

      Time to take off the blindfold, open your eyes and stop bigging yourself up. Do you really believe that when push comes to shove your safe just because you work on front end and that no one else does any work! You poor disillusioned sucker Rebecca! You sure would make a great PM!

      • Concerned colleague

        Wooo calm it down now guys we all work for the same company there is absolutely no point us bickering amongst ourselves!

        I do believe Rebecca has a point though if you look at the role of a checkout team leader it is more of a team leader position than a shop floor one who will be filling the shelves, printing off labels, making a stack etc. She is not disillusioned in anyway as the company would be committing corporate suicide if they got rid of the checkout team leader roles especially at a time when service is everything!

        At the end of the day everything that we are all discussing here is speculation nobody knows anything for sure yet as this is only in a TRIAL STAGE for the moment. It could take a year or two until it is rolled out and that’s only if it is successful.

        Before you say it as well I’m a line manager and no I’m not a front end manager hence why I see the bigger picture!

        • scoobydoo

          Yes service is everything BUT without the staff and T/L’s there will be less on the shelves to provide a service. The viewpoint percentage will be dropping. My store is on the trial and i know that some T/L’s are either going after the one t/l position available or the rest are taking redundancy. Once demoted their old managers will still rely on them for the work they done as t/l’s. Either way Tesco will lose some trusted staff, and when staff leave they don’t get replaced. Checkouts beware – less staff = less stock on shelves = less customers = less manned tills required.

  • X

    Grocery and Warehouse aren’t one at Sainsbury’s. The warehouse function was combined with Administration department to form the Commercial department.

  • Eve

    I work in the photo Lab and have been with the company for 20 years, believe me the company dont care who they hurt and stab people in the back when it suits them! I doubt TL will get offered redundancy as it will cost too much money and thats all they care about! We certainly were not offered it – it was move, find a vacancy (there are none) or leave!!! We still dont have the full picture of what is happening to us and its been 2 mths since it was leaked to us – good luck TL’s!!!

  • jase

    i assume if they get rid of team leaders they will also have to ofer protected pay for 12 months as they cant just say thanks now get lost. as for alternative roles. im sure they will also have to offer you another role or offer redundancy. can anyone confirm my opinions.

    • Team leader

      I think it’s 4 years protected pay

      • Tony

        Redundancy is offered so there is no pay protection

      • very worried TL

        Rubbish we all deserve better 4years is nothing a kick in the bloody ass (how many years are you going to work for tesco) what I would like to know what is usdaw doing about it!!

    • Buck T

      Just for info check pg 25 of staff handbook, protected pay last for 4 years i am going through it at mo. Good luck.

  • Checkout GA

    Coming from one of the largest Extra stores in the country I think this is ridiculous. We struggle with staffing levels as much as it is. Having worked on Grocery and Merchandising previously I have seen how much effort our shop floor team leaders put in to their work whilst the managers are off taking half hourly tea breaks and generally doing the square root of sod all to help the running of the store. If it wasn’t for the shop floor team leaders nothing would get done in our store. The managers have no respect for the GAs (and therefore the GA’s have no respect in return) and the T/Ls are the only thing that keep the store working smoothly. Checkout T/Ls can be jettisoned as usually its the trusted GA’s that end up doing their work for them anyway. This also removes the thing that most GA’s who want to move up in tesco aim for. Stupid Stupid idea. And if anyone finds out who i am who typed this, i am probably going to end up getting sacked….

    • Unbiased

      I think a lot of people are disillusioned and tarring everyone with the same brush. SOME team leaders are very good at their jobs irrelevant of department. We have some who should never have been given team leader jobs and the performance managing process is too flawed to the point that we can’t demote them. Unfortunately, the same can be said of managers. I know I put in just as many hours as my team leader, if not more. I NEVER expect my team leader to work any hours above what they are contracted for, they do it because they want to. I always make sure they get their time back for it! When they need a favour, and the same goes for the rest of my team, I bend over backwards to accommodate it even if that means covering their shift myself. Yet, I know what some if my manager colleagues get paid and they don’t deserve it. They stroll in late and leave early, allow the mass exodus of their staff on the department so they can all take their breaks at the same time, don’t do their jobs properly, never complete training on time or deal with duty manager issues correctly. It drives me crazy knowing they get paid more than me and do half the work. Sometimes, it’s their team leaders who are just as bad. I’ve never been anything but a green performer and yet some of these people get paid 20 and 30% more than me. When I try for a pay raise I always get fobbed off coz I’m “in the right bracket”. Surely some of those people have exceeded the bracket and should be realigned into it! There are some really good staff in this company across all levels. What tesco need to do is sort the pay structure so it’s fair and transparent and update the performance management process so we can get rid of those people who get paid too much to do very little! We shouldn’t be getting rid of anyone who doesn’t deserve to go. Those of you who work hard and deliver results keep doing it. When the new jobs are created I’m sure you’ll find yourself in one of them!

    • scoobydoo

      WELL SAID. Totally agree with you. Also without t/l’s how are you meant to move up the career ladder now?

  • jay

    U should get rid of more managers and have more team leaders.the team leaders r the workers and the ones who stay behind and do all the dirty jobs.who will stay behind when there r no team leaders the managers dot think so

  • jase

    it makes me laugh that they say they will remove tls and get the managers on the shop floor working and leading by example. who the hell believes that must be a complete idiot. and also says above that store managers will be freed up to be on the shop floor to. is this a magic world where they actually take there hands out of there pockets and get there sleeves rolled up besides when they are on there mobile phones. lets be honest. between meetings, team 5s, dutie rolls watching the back of tills and each manager being in charge of 2+ departments at a time where is this going to happen.

    in my experience most tls are the only link between management and there team as we rarely see ours. im in charge of training, rotorts, holidays, ordering, sickness, generally everything they get paid £30k for and dont do. perhaps it should be keep the team leaders and make them more responsable for there departments and get rid of department managers. 1 manager to several departments and a team leader for each that reports to them. then pay the tls a bit more for the added responsibillity.

    in an ideal world i wouldnt want to see anyone lose there jobs or get demoted. tesco want to concentrate more on how to make more money and win back customers, not how to cut costs to offset the falling sales.

    i got told once that stores like morrisons are in the past and have old ways, they might have but when i go in them they are always full of customers and staff and shelves are full and carparks are full. instead of trying to come up with ingenious ideas how to change tesco for the better why not just copy our competitors. if you cant beet them, join them. do what they do if it works.

    i believe in speculate to accumulate. they say the likes of aldi are out doing us. perhaps the answers are staring them in the face. give customers what they want. lower prices, make availabillity better, fill the shop floor. then the custom will come. this is just my opinion but maybe others will agree. ive seen our store fall away over the years at a fast pace untill now you can hardly tell its open even at the weekend.

  • Bieber

    As a checkout tl in a Metro it would appear our jobs are quite safe(for now!!) We dont have any other tls in our store as the grocery one was never replaced. If theyre getting rid of any managers it should be store managers!! From what ive seen they do very little and are paid a huge salary for the privilege. They come out of the academy poorly trained some even unable to perform basic tasks for example refunds or exchanges. In my experience the best managers are those who started as ga’s and worked their way up through the ranks. We are under huge pressure to deliver excellent customer service and are constantly checking IDQ yet we re not given the man hours we need to do this. If Tesco want us to deliver the goods they need to give us the tools to do so. MORE TLS NOT LESS

  • Jim tip

    It’s 21.5k not 30k…. Just saying.

    • jase

      i think you missed the point of the statement regardless of the facts.

  • Tesco employee

    For those of you that think its just rumours it isn’t !!! It’s happening in my store now , 22 team leaders have been told to step down to GA roles or except redundancy packages …. This doesn’t affect .com & checkouts or phone shop and tech support . But at least they have been offered redundancy unlike the photo shops!!! I work in the photo shop and have two members of my family that are in the affected team leader catogory , a true slap in the face for our family ! Utterly disgaceful after collectively 33 years loyal service to tesco . Speechless….

    • jase

      if this is the case ill take the redundancy and then take my experience else where to another supermarket as im sure its not that hard to find a job if you realy want one. ill pay the redundancy of my mortgage. theres no way ill let tesco screw me and get away with it. i urge all the rest to do the same. take them for thousands i say. then let them swim in there own s**t when all thats left are the staff who come in, do there bit then go. see if therer plan works as they think with managers taking a more active roll…lol.

      what sort of redundancy do they have to offer if it comes to this. how does this work, does anyone know cheers.

    • jase

      are your team leaders being asked to step down with protected pay or just to simply step down or face redundancy. what have the union had to say on these matters.

      • Bob

        As a union rep not heard a thing 1st I heard was a Manager friend who had heard from another at another store . . . Don’t you love a grapevine

    • moomoo

      Does this effect Click and Collect Team Leaders

    • Manny

      Hi sorry to bother you have the team leaders got to go for there jobs again x x

    • Angela

      How is the store getting on without team leaders it would be good to know 3 months down the line so anyone in the pilot stores can give us some info that would be great. I am a team leader and I have been told that it could be a couple of years before every team leader is affected but I don’t believe this as the team leaders that have already left tesco arnt taking any more on, only ga so my belief is it’s happening fast. I think by end September we will all know. Any information would be very grateful

  • Dave

    And as usual no official comment from Tesco, no surprise there then.

  • dee

    The absolute cheek of the store managers makes me sick they avoid the checkouts when there are queues and expect us team leaders to take all the abuse going from the customers but the store manager will pretend hes not in store. I am looking for another job I have never heard of another company treat the staff so bad in my entire life especially after at least 20 years of service!!! The reason there is no customers staying at Tesco because they dropped clubcard points to half, they don’t take competitors coupons, and even now their planning on stopping staff discount on alcohol?? really?? after working they way we work and being treated the way we do we should have it for free!! Personally sack all the managers and get new in or step every t/l up at least they know what their doing!!!

    • Concerned colleague

      What a load of bollocks granted some team leaders do a great job but there is no way on this earth would I say make them a manager. TL’s fail to see the bigger picture and only ever think of what’s best for their dept rather than what is best for the store and the customers and colleagues in it!
      Wake up and smell the roses!

  • X

    You all underestimate how much work managers actually do. I know countless numbers of managers that work 14 hour days just to complete the work that their incompetent staff don’t do. They can rarely rely on their TLs as they don’t feel like they have any responsibility and just act like a GA but get paid that bit extra.
    I do agree that the only department that TLs are actually needed is checkout. Before moving to pharmacy I worked on checkouts and managers generally stayed away and TLs were the only ones to get stuck in.
    I work on pharmacy and we manage to survive without TLs. We have never had any and never will. Our manager runs the department with the second pharmacist, both working full time pharmacists roles and doing the managerial side aswell. As long as us counter assistants perform well the need of a TL is none. We might only be a small department but if GAs and managers perform well there is no need for that position.

  • Tesco employee

    NO PROTECTED PAY….as redundancy is an option, and redundancy is different for each individual .It goes on age , length of service ect ect .. Have no idea what the union are doing about it ! !!

    • Cassie

      I was forced to step down as a fresh manager two years ago as according to the deputy I was to tasked well I am now a baker I enjoy it .i applied for tl still no inter view after 8 weeks may be they knew .also I was only one to apply,going back to manager I had not tl only 2 staff to fill and do reductions on meat poultry dairy on a dept taking over 6 million a year store is no better now manager who replaced me doing no better except he has more breaks maybe that’s what I was doing wrong.

  • Nat

    Once again the company has let workers down , think this issue should be raised to us instore not find out through web sites

  • jo

    I work in a extra store as a manager and have worked in many store formats been with Tesco for over 13 years and the way things are going are very worrying atm u can’t say all managers are lazy there are many hard working managers and many hard working team leaders it’s a huge mistake to get rid of the TL role as they contribute so much to the business I think the big cheeses should spend some time in stores undercover to really understand what the stores are like and what our customers see because most of themhavent worked in stores b 4 and thoese who have did so many years ago when stores had many more staff invest in people and price tesco everything else will be ok

  • Ben

    I have been working for Tesco 6yrs now and in my time I can say that it’s the team leaders who keep the store going along with practising the so called Tesco values along with colleagues. If Tesco wants to move forward invest in a better recruitment structure from our humble trolley guys to the always tanned management. Actually looking at departments for right hour right place instead of a stupid heat map. Treat people with respect and reap the rewards instead of belittling them. Making moments matter not followed up after meetings. And most importantly seeing customers as people not investments.

  • Rubes

    Get rid of the managers. Far to many in my store on ridiculous pay that could be used to employ more staff. These staff could then give more customer service instead of the skeleton staff that most stores have stretched to their limits. Team leaders are the workers they often carry the managers. I don’t know what’s happening in the company but more mangers really isn’t the answer.

    • Mug

      You are right my store manager said the same he could not believe it. He called a meeting too and told all of us he could not do without us all. The team leaders in our store work very hard and could mostly all run their depts without a manager why don’t tesco get rid of the highly paid lazy managers and let us team leaders run the depts that would save tesco so much money for extra staff

      • ScottyManc

        Many comments about ‘highly paid’ managers. People forget that managers are on a annual salary so no overtime payments. If a manager works 50 or 60 hrs a week, their ‘hourly rate’ would work out less than a team leader’s. Many of you think Mgrs are on top money when this is not the case.
        As a manager myself, I work damn hard for this company, do my own job well and many jobs in store to support others including serve on checkouts, pick on dot com, collecting trollies and many many more. Lazy managers are a problem….. It’s up to store managers to performance manage them out the business. This is a fast paced environment and a tough industry to work in, if you don’t like it or feel the work is too much or too hard…. THEN LEAVE ! Some employees need to be thankful for having a job as many people would kill to be in their shoes. And as for those lazy colleagues, mgrs, TL or ga’s, look in the mirror, pull your finger out and work your ass off to help more.

        • scoobydoo

          Yes ALL lazy staff are a problem and thats up to each store to fix. Your a manager, so when you have a day off or are on holiday who is going to cover and run your department?

    • Mug

      You are absolutely spot on I feel exactly the same do all the hours stay behind do whatever shift needed for the business work damn hard for the store and my team

  • tescoblog

    If ur trialing the new structure, has the deputy been made redundant? If so are they putting traders bk in i.e fresh/ambient?

  • Shopfloor G/a

    They don’t need to get rid of team leaders to make sure there are more staff on the shopfloor! I work the shopfloor (well some of the times!) and what they need to do is employ more staff for the checkouts and for dot com and that way they won’t take staff off the shopfloor to help these depts!

  • Team leader

    Do they not protect you’re pay?!?surely they have to as they are making you’re job redundant and downgrading you into a GA position instead so surely they have to protect you’re money!!!

  • jase

    from what im reading they arent asking you to drop down. they are asking you to consciously make the decision that you want to step down in order to avoid making protected payments with the threat of your job may become redundant if you dont. basically taking 3 fingers and jamming them right up your arse for fun. i cant wait to get my store manager in front of me with this info and demand answers. the little as far as i can gather this info was on facebook a short while ago and removed sharpish as was supposed to be top secret so its been going around a while. from what ive heard its going live april 1st but this is just rumours so if anyone can confirm that would be handy.

    we will see if the union plans on supporting us or stand and watch us get screwed. teachers were out on strike today bacause of pay and conditions. will our union support us this way to the bitter end. we will see. this odviously is going to extremes. i arent asking for strike action.

    • Mark

      If they can’t offer a position of same pay grade and they are removing your current role they have to provide protected pay as they are making the decision to move you not the other way around.

  • Bob

    I am just 1 of the TL working nights in one of the busiest more profitable stores in Edinburgh and we as a collective have heard everything via social media and this site. We have also been led to believe that a letter will be sent out for delivery on April 1st (new financial year) and we have not been told anything officially face to face by a single senior member of staff in that building and in fact been told our own store manager doesn’t have a clue about any of this, bullshit. I’m pretty sure they would know if they where going to lose all there team leaders. This entire saga is a joke and is a piss take and needs sorting face to face to prove they have a smidging of respect for the workers and there lively hoods. A company that makes billions should look all the way down the ladder instead of the wigs at the top and I am sure that whatever happens Tesco will not be prepared for the shitstorm it is about to face. We deserve answers and we deserve respect something Tesco seems to forget. This is not the end and I just hope we can all come together and fight together that will be the only TEAM Tesco will face.

    • Night owl

      It is true when it was taken to our store manager he made it his business to find out, then call a meeting and tell us what he knew,that this is on trial at the moment and nothing is for sure for about a year

      • Mug

        You are right my store manager said the same he could not believe it. He called a meeting too and told all of us he could not do without us all. The team leaders in our store work very hard and could mostly all run their depts without a manager why don’t tesco get rid of the highly paid lazy managers and let us team leaders run the depts that would save tesco do much money for extra staff

  • Sally

    NO T/L job is more important than another, and I take personal offence at the fact that this is what they are saying. Is the customer service I give to numerous customers throughout the day any different from that of a checkout T/L? And yes, that includes the time I spend on a checkout or pushing a .com trolley. Whoever said that the bosses need to work undercover is right, but not at the quietest time, come in on a 5 star weekend when we have no overtime! I’m not going to dis any managers either, most of them work really hard (haha at the PM’s tho) I think they should get rid of some of the Group Team managers, who don’t even rumble instore, what value do they bring?
    I bet those at the top still get their bloody bonuses though! I would love to hear from the store manager the ‘selling points’ of this thought process.
    If this goes ahead, can you imagine the loyal, hardworking team leaders who are really flexible with shifts etc just saying no? Let’s see who will pick up the slack then.
    Interesting times ahead. And Bob, lets hope we all do stick together!

    • Mark

      Whilst the customer service aspect of the T/L role is pretty much the same across the board, Checkout and DotCom T/Ls are more vital than other departments. Both departments T/Ls have a much higher Staff/TL ratio than any other department. Having T/Ls in those departments to handle day to day stuff lets the manager deal with reviews (again bear in mind the higher staffing levels in both dotcom & checkouts), displinaries and the like.

      Prior to the TL role checkouts had multiple managers and several ga level “runners” (which was a role tesco didn’t officially support at the time). We had 4 checkout managers plus the runners just for a 25sq ft store.

      That being said I hope that the trial fails and Tesco figure out how to weed out managers and team leaders that are not pulling their weight.

      • ScottishTL

        Reviews are key! Why couldn’t they stick to performance based reviews?

      • Part Time Economist

        For any existing Team Leader taking solace in this *Pay Protection* farce I would like to remind you all of what that really entails.

        You are not entitled to the annual pay increase you would normally expect on top of your existing wages. The consequence of that is, due to inflation the cost of living rises. Your wages wont. Your spending power is weakened – effectively it is a pay cut.

        Before you know it Customer Assistants will be earning the same as you, for a role you will have officially left but will be expected to continue doing. Anyone who works in a Tesco store for long enough will know that despite what is said at corporate level, in practise, the scope of the Customer Assistant role will have to encompass the work the Team Leader left behind.

        Contact your Union and tell them plainly – accepting this lying down isn’t good enough. It is within all our power to stop this.

  • Frustrated

    Don’t always assume that Store managers know about changes, I am an express store manager and we know nothing about the changes planned for express never mind supers and extras.

  • Dairy manager

    As a manager on dairy I am very grateful to my team leader for all the hard work, commitment and support he gives me. We both work our backsides off and the loss of his position would be a great shame and impact customers I believe. The biggest impact I think would be on my days off as he is in ‘leading’ the team in my absence and when he is on hol and I’m day off things are noticeably poorer I’m told

  • ?

    The facts are facts
    TL jobs in super stores and extras are going unless you are checkouts or dotcom
    If you work in a metro/ express and the leesh is due soon and you are not hitting target you also should worry for your job
    TLs do a big part of work in store but don’t say you run the store especially if you haven’t ever been a manager.
    The line managers are soon going to have to deal with potentially losing their jobs so I’d stop being so inconsiderate and thinking you are gods gift.
    If you have a pm in store but actually you don’t no what they do the answer is simple!
    It’s non of your business. the less you know what they are doing with others the better. clearly they are a good pm in that case.
    Senior team and line managers work well beyond 12 hours now and I think rather than arguing against each other I’d be putting the finger at the man in charge! this isn’t the store managers choice! do you really think they want less and less people working for them?
    And if you are going through redundancy be carefully thinking it’s a lot! because it’s not!
    The company is making harsh choices that are wrong! you people need to look for a job else where and tell them where to go before you have no choice

  • former grocery manager (not tesco)

    I currently work in a tesco store but am not employed by tesco. From my point of view (my opinion only) team leaders are more a luxury and have bred the current crisis where managers rely on them more than they should. In my time in supermarkets started as p/t shopfloor worker moved through various positions fresh etc then moved to grocery manager I had no team leader and only pt staff we managed fine. As well as doing any required paperwork I needed to be on the floor putting out stock for it to be done on time. This was as well as being duty and covering any dept that needed it. I could run rings round any manager or team leader from tesco in terms of work load when I was doing it daily. So once managers get back on the floor they need to lead by example plus and again only my opinion the speed people work on tesco shop floor is so slow compared to what was expected in my day in the job

  • Sunny

    I’m reading all the comments. We need to remember we have a job to do. Keep focused at work and do your work like you have been doing. Don’t give them a reason to pull you up. Yea I’m a team leader and only know what I have read on here and other sites.
    I was worried sick after reading this BUT until I get in on paper from tesco. I’ll worrie about it then

    • Mark

      People need to remember this is just a trial. It’s not the first major change to be trialed and there it is not set in stone that it will be rolled out to all stores as is.

      around 6 years ago stores trialed not having a stock control department with Grocery/Bakery/Produce/Dairy/Counters having to do their own stock control routines. In the end it got scrapped.

      Just remember that if it does get rolled out make sure you are both in the union and have a rep with you. Research your rights (have print outs with you in case to support you if challenged)
      Actually this applies to all work related stuff.

  • feed up

    I’m reading all the comments and to think yet again the company are going put managers throw this again if I remember about 8 year ago we went throw all this Team Leader do a good job why are we paying better serves manager what a wast on money to tell us how to do our jobs when that money cud been used in staffing I been with the company 12 year and a Line manager for 10 year and now I don’t know if I have a job as the company cant find me a store if they offer me the redundancy pay and its worth it I am going take it.

  • Sallie-Anne

    Dear all….
    I just heard the rumours this morning.
    I absolutely love my job, often working very long hours in the p.i. dept.I have an incredibly commited team, and together we do a good job.
    P.l. manager not around on the night shift, so where will that leave my girls…. is the night p.i msnsger role that/same as the compliance manager…… very worried xx

  • craig

    Ive worked in tesco for 8 years. As a general assistant teamleader and line manager (nights).
    No doubt this decison has come from some tesco big wig sat behind a desk who have never walked into a tesco shop never mind worked in one. I strongly believe team leaders are the ones who run the departments where line managers offload the responsibility to them. Getting rid of the team leader role will no doubt do more harm than good by putting more pressure of these so called ‘team managers’.
    I bet I could put money on a smaller pay packet for team managers than line manager but with an increased amount of work.

    Another sign of tescos greed for money.

  • Tesco Line Manager

    I’ve worked for Tesco for almost 20 years and the last 15 I have been a manager, first as a section manager then later a line manager (and yes at that point I had to reapply for my job). The team leader role was put in to free up a managers time, so we could pick up the duty role from the senior team. This meant that although we picked up the extra workload that duty brings, we had a team leader to pick up training, team 5 etc. Now with the removal of the team leader role it’s yet more work piled back up on the managers.
    I’m sure we can’t be the only store who are now working on a staffing budget so tight that it’s laughable! Most days now the day team are either on dot com or checkouts and nights the managers and team leaders do nothing but fill. If Tesco want to save money it should cut jobs from head office, allow stores to make their own descisions when it comes to promotion ordering, forecasting, and every other job head office seem to be micro managing these days!
    Not all the blame lies at the door of Phillip Clarke but I do believe the company has lost it’s way, and the sooner it all comes crashing down, the way sainsburys did a few years ago, the sooner perhaps it can be rebuilt into the company people were proud to work for.

    • Bieber

      I totally agree with Tesco Line Manager. We are lucky we have a supportive and very helpful Service Manager to be quite honest some of the other dept managers have become lazy uninterested and a waste valuable resources. The store manager is only a “figure head” who does very little to make our job easier. With no overtime available and leavers not replaced it makes checkout TLs jobs nigh on impossible as a lot of the time we re on a till as well as trying to perform our other duties. More TLs and hard working managers please Tesco NOT LESS!!!

  • Mulder

    Bring it on I say, if it happens it will not be a suprise to me nearly 18 years in as a GA then department manager and now team leader I can honestly say it’s bound to happen

    In all those years I have seen my role get harder to the point where I feel like a glorified filler. I am not a shurker and feel that the company or current system do not want to fully use all my skills and knowledge, valued by the team I think not , seniors are nowhere near as good as they we’re say 8 years ago

    we have seen staffing levels so low that the customer service tesco crave is impossible to deliver

    Checkouts just do not work for the benifit of the store it’s embarrassing the amount of red team call that go out

    Time to tighten my belt and wait for the offer good luck to all that may be effected


    at least read the threads and take some notes to the soldier on the floor

  • Lou

    I work in the Photo Shop at Tesco, soon to be moved over to Max Spielmann, saw mention of this on Yammer and checked it out. My colleague and I called over our Union Rep earlier to have a read herself. She had heard nothing of this, wrote herself a little list and set off to speak to her bosses. She has come back to me now to tell me she was told we are not allowed to discuss it and that it is “Just a Pilot” I’ve already told two friends who are currently team leaders and quite frankly will probably tell others or at least point them in this general direction. I find it ludicrous the we can’t discuss something that is there for everyone to see online.

    The way they dealt with the take over on Photos was undeniably poor, but they told us when they did so we wouldn’t have to find out like this, so why the hell aren’t they briefing there staff now.

  • Lansonlad

    Rearranging deck chairs whilst the ship sinks

  • jase

    first thing i did today was tell several teamleaders what id read and where. next i waited for our store manager to make time to see me and asked direct whats going on. he knew what i wanted to speak to him about before i said it. he said since it went on twitter and other sites yesterday there have been conference calls all over the place but as yet he doesnt know much about it. he also said its still only a pilot atm as mentioned and may come to nothing. he reckoned he went through simmiliar thing when he was academy manager and pilot lasted 2 years with then a consoltation period of nearly 12 months after when changes were applied.
    i dont know if this will be the same for us this time and its worrieng for all, tls this time and managers perhaps after. as said the worst thing is getting stabbedv in the back instead of tesco being upfront and talking to staff. as for telling you dont talk about it they can get stuffed, ill tell all i can and point all to this site and others like this to prepare them for the inevitable onslaught.

    my store manager said they are doing loads of confrence calls tomorow and over weekend and he should have more info monday/tuesday so hopefully all you guys will know more then all beit what they want you to know and prob not the whole picture.

    i spoke to my line manager today and hes heard nothing about it either. a guy whos worked for tesco 35 years on and off said it stinks of the past. reckons things like this go round in cycles and with having nearly 20 years service feel hes right.

  • SM Express


    Does anyone know if this is on Yammer yet?

    • Deserted

      Yes it’s on yammer, tesco remain silent as does usdaw

  • Team leader

    I’m a team leader and when this happens to me financially I’m more than likely gunna have to sell my house,I’ve recently just got a remortgage based on my current earnings and I won’t be able to afford it now so thankyou very much…I know I’m just a glorified filler who earns extra money but I’ve also 2 kids and a family to feed not that you will care anyway…rant over

  • Metro man

    I am a metro manager. I work all the time on shopfloor with my Tl. This is because I enjoy working with him and my team. In my experiance it’s the I’m not doing that managers that need to be removed. We are lucky in out store we never have to stay late due to “green lighting” in the shop meaning at a certain time all the lights go out. TL are a valuable members if staff they are the backbone of the team the link between me and my GAs

  • Deserted

    Someone has asked the question in their Facebook page look at the response.

  • Rathernotsay

    I’m a front end team leader on options and I must say I work my ass off for this company!
    I average 50 hours a week very rare that I get all my breaks and I will admit I see other tls
    Around shop floor doing exactly what the ga’s are doing and getting paid as much as me!
    I realise that it will be terrible for prople to take the pay cut but if all tls went above and beyond
    Then maybe this wouldn’t be the case now. I can’t speak for all stores but in my store this is very much the case
    I also agree with the losing personal manager as suggested above as ours has been with us over a year and a lot of
    Our staff members still don’t know who they are a compleatly pointless job roll!

  • Worried TL

    Just found out about this after returning from holiday! Store manager is denying all knowledge of these cuts! Why can’t they just be open and honest and tell us the truth about matters that affect us! From reading the above comments I do not agree that c/outs are the only department who need a TL when half the time it’s a GA covering the bank anyway!!! Think I may need to start looking elsewhere as the options programme isn’t the safest option either!

    • Mark

      Because this is a trial. If it happens at all it’s probably going to be at least a year before it rolls out to stores. If it does happen you will get 4 years protected pay. This then gives you 4 years without a pay rise to find either a better job or climb up the ladder.

  • Julie

    25 years working for this company and the last 10 years they haven’t got a clue. Restructuring every 5-10 years doesn’t work. If you want a team leader to do a managers job you get results, if you want a manager you get the dept managed with targets and kpi s achieved. Team leaders work so hard but they expect blue results. Tesco is not the same company as when I first joined and UNFORTUNATELY I am too old to change my career now. “Treat workers with respect and lead from the top”.

    • norman

      completely agreed

  • Mulder

    So update 3 still has not answered why redundancy is offered if it’s only a trial ?? Why not just step people down for 12 weeks to see how it works then make a decision once it’s offered can it be taken back ?? Just seam so odd

  • Manager

    I think the structure change is a good thing. The deputy store manager role is way to big and needs to be split into lead manager roles. With more lead manager roles taking control of duty management. The line managers can concentrate on service and having fun with there staff. I also think it will be a good incentive for anybody who is a teamleader now to get in gear and get promoted in this great company.

  • Compliance manager

    Remember pre 2006,we had no team leaders, ‘Section managers’ who were paid less than the current Line managers,most big stores had CSMs,Fresh & Ambient trading managers,and a PM. Seems like we have came full circle with these changes. I’ve been with Tesco for 15 years (11 years in various manager roles) I’ve been through so many restructures and had to apply for my own role (but new title basically) twice, but nothing has made me more concerned than this latest move…

    We all work for money,we all have bills/mortgages to pay,most of us just get by. Whatever way they dress this up, make no mistake this is a cost cutting exercise and it will directly affect our lives in a negative manner.

    As far as I’m aware if you are asked to move jobs or do anything that causes you to be on less money than you are currently contracted to you would get your salary reduced over 4 years until you reach the new salary.

    Eg. Line manager on 22k per year,new salary 20k
    Year 1 paid 22k
    Year 2 paid 21.5k
    Year 3 paid 21k
    Year 4 paid 20.5
    Year 5 paid 20

    I could be wrong and 25% comes off first year, but thats my understanding.

    The unknown is what is concerning me ATM. How we are expected to focus on our work for the next few months is beyond me. I’ve lost all motivation, we were on performance related pay,doesn’t matter a jot when you know you can’t get a pay rise for 4 years!

    My advice to team leaders would be – do not let your emotions rule your head at work. Just because they are keeping checkouts and .com TL roles does not mean that the people in these roles will automatically get these jobs. First refusal will be given to displaced managers who will have the option to step down,then all roles will be advertised and interviewed for. If you need the money then I suggest you swallow your pride and really excel in your role. Its every man for himself! If you are an underperforming tl in dotcom or checkouts and want to keep your job then I would get your finger out if you don’t want to give your manager the perfect opportunity to get rid…

    Overall I agree there was a need to trim some tl roles and some manager roles but if you now expect a manager looking after an extra department, with a disgruntled ex-tl who no longer gives a fu**,for less money, to turn around their companies ailing fortunes god help Tesco.

  • Horses mouth

    What I know from a trial store (extra)
    The losses or changed roles- BWS/Frozen/Warehouse manager no longer exists. Home & Health Manager, Events Manager & Electrical/Click&Collect manager now all combined into General Merchandise manager (no TL). Grocery manager taking on BWS/Frozen/Warehouse (no TL). PID and Training taken out of Compliance to create new roles. All TL roles gone apart from Checkouts and Dot com.

    New Roles: Extra TL roles in Checkout & Dot Com ( but not enough to house the good TLs without a job)
    Training manager new role, PID manager new role, Security manager new role.

    Options for TL undecided as pay still not clear if protected. Options for displaced managers- redundancy, move store, apply for new role or step down to GA/TL.

    All departments with non signed off managers can be applied for by displaced department managers

    • Nobody

      Training never sat under Compliance??! It’s PMs who don’t earn their money!

      So what happens to Payroll and Legal??

    • JG

      Why would there be a Training Manager? Surely that should be Team Managers and PM?

  • TheManThatKindaKnows

    Ultimately if this focuses more staffing power into customer service and away from the management responsibilities (which is what gets dumped onto team leaders by there under performing managers) this will be a change for the better.

  • Horses mouth

    Deputy manager role replaced with Grocery/ Non Food lead team, mew Customer Team manager lead team, and Better Service Manager role has been removed.

    There is now Fresh Lead team, and duty management has been given back to lead team.

    • Compliance

      What happens to compliance role mate? Gone completely?

  • I think that this is an other back wards step for tesco,again why put all team leaders in one basket,treat them as all not right.why not just deal with the bad and the hard workers differenty. They will come off bad because the good team leaders give over one hundred percent.doing extra all the time.

    • Mark

      The managers will have it worse. They will almost certainly have to reapply for their jobs again just like in 2004-2006 time period.

  • stock control manager


    What becomes of the two stock control managers in extras as part of the new pilot?

    Many thanks

  • stock control manager

    And if the stay who does the food stock control manager report to? (Grocery or fresh senior)

  • Bob

    It is about time that the support was given to the areas of the bussiness that is growing. Ie express and Dotcom . It time to face up to the fact that team leaders in extra do less than a ga or just the ga role for more pay.. Why have a news and jags T/L or a canteen T/L.
    As for lead team taking duty. All I can say is about time! It the way of bother foremats ie Exoress it can only be a positive move for Tesco it you look at it long term

  • concerned employie

    i used to be a manager on the last change lost my job now im a tl and thay go and stuff us again the company is in free fall shares are way down no new staff being employed , i for one will not use my extensive retail knowledge to help my store out nor cover for the poor managers that are left to cope we should all go on strike if this happens come on union back this and you in tescos pocket

    • Superstore line manager

      It would be disastrous to scarp the team leader role. They are the ones who interact with our customers the most and coach other team members to deliver great service. I feel as the decision makers have really under estimated there contribution to their teams and stores. If this goes though I will definitely agree for a strike to take place.

    • very worried TL

      Yes agree with every word ausdaw where are you when we need you. union reps haven’t even been informed shocking Usdaw!! We all pay our dues!!

  • Lol

    Awesome – no more picking up training, doing extra time, constantly missing breaks, communicating with my team and manager, coaching and organising to help with trading my departments. Well done Tesco 😉 a great place to work and feel valued! I think not.

  • jase

    the worst thing we can do is guess whats going to happen and tesco arent helping not giving answres. it would be nice if a union spokesman could at least give some feedback on what they know but not one has come forward as im aware to offer any feedback. also when a tl in our store asked about this his managers reply was how do you know about this, then it was a complete lie saying they know nothing. why take the pish, thats the worst thing. be open, be honestm.

    also its strange that right hours , right place is just around the corner for a review any time now. this seems to me a perfect chance for tesco to offer the shite hours they couldnt find people for last time to the departing tls/managers. thus achieving the no redundancy needed factor as they offered you a job. . this again isa just my opinion but if they can screw you once, twice wont mean a thing to them. lets be honest aswell, who can afford to refuse a job if they have kids, a mortgage, a car to pay for ect. i think this has been brewing a good while.

  • Mug

    Funny we all just signed for a new handbook!!!!!

  • ?

    For all u ppl that are slating colleagues that work In your store are down right disgraceful. The extra store I work in, every colleague from CAs, tls, line managers, lead team and store manager have got so much pride and dedication in their areas, hence why it is a very successful store. Maybe if u lot did the same Tesco would not be in this position. Oh and for those of u sayin the ppl they should lose from the stores are the managers get a grip.

    • Concerned Employee

      Ultimately any behaviour is led by example from Philip Clarke down, some people do this, many do not.
      Do as I say not as I do, which in the long term fails to work as a method, Lead from the Front…Tesco can offer great customer service, competitive prices and an enjoyable shopping experience…but it takes time, the right effort, and money in over a ten year period. Sadly I’m not sure many Cheif Executives of top retailers are prepared to take “risks”.

  • jim

    Info from the office suggest, store managers in London next week and consultations start from Wk7?

  • 9 years service

    Worked for company 9years currently on the options scheme and on placement as manager, Tesco have no money to recruit, Or give overtime To any departments ,wantts to pass i dont que, pass customer view point, staff to do the 10ft acknowlege, great,smile and help on the new service floor, feels to me expectations are so high and little resource given to accomadate needs. Feeling angry and frustrated time to apply else where!!!

  • My main concern is are we going to be offered protected pay or not ??
    This will at least give us some breathing space to look for a new job or try to work our way up the company with out losing pay while we do so …

  • exmanager

    As an ex manager who left after 11years service as i could see how the company was going. less and less staff and more and more pressure to get results and hit targets. This is an absolute slap in the face of all the hard working employees at tesco from ga’s to managers who all work really hard with most managers and team leaders working hours upon hours of unpaid overtime. If i was still there i would be wanting an all out strike, contracted shift patterns worked only etc the union should be backing its paying members if not save the money and come out the union as if they don’t fight this they might as well not be there!

  • Jason

    I am a team leader on security , for 7 years this is all iv done at Tesco iv only ever worked on security I was on the brink of getting a security managers job when they got rid of that so have been stuck as a team leader for 3 years doing the old security managers job the team leaders and a ga’s because were so short staffed I still have to man reception and front door for 8 hours a day and you are now going to take food straight out my kids mouth for all the hard work and dedication iv put in to my security department over the past 7 years making it a fortress to be reckoned with in one of the biggest shops in the country , I salute you Tesco

  • Ex-WL4




  • Bob

    Guy get s grip! We are all vital to our store no matter what role we do. Line mangers work hard for the team and the store so do T/L but savings can be made. Do we need a news and mags T/L canteen BWS manager ? Probably not. It tough times on the street for Tesco and others lets just see what comes of it hey and stop slagging our great teams off on this forum? Stick it out as a team we are strong as one. Let’s now worry about it yet it a trial………

    • scoobydoo

      its alright you saying its a trial, but what about the staff its affecting now who work in these stores that are on trial. if in a few months time Tesco say its ok we’re keeping the t/l’s what about the people who have been demoted or have been forced to leave to find another job………………

  • Currently TL in a superstore in the NorthEast

    I am currently a team leader in a superstore. I am currently on holiday untill tomorrow how ever I was in getting a few bit’s on Saturday and all manager’s had been called to a meeting. From what I know so far all TL jobs excluding checkouts are going to been done with. The options that I know of so far are take redundancy or step down to CA. My store manager announced it soon as she got the email. So not sure if the trial has been pushed to more store’s out of the Midlands.

  • Minion

    In all my years experience working in various industries from engineering to retail, I have never known a company so top heavy with management. I am not referring to the mostly hard working, dedicated people working their butts off in store for scant reward and little thanks but the countless people swanning around in their company cars who occasionally drift into the store for yet another meeting ( usually starting no earlier than 10am ) and who seem to serve no purpose other than telling the already heavily burdened store management team that they are under performing in some way!
    These people spend so much time preparing reports, studying heat maps and composing ridiculous memos and emails whilst getting paid what amounts to a kings ransom whilst contributing absolutely nothing of any value to the business. When last did any of us see these leeches actually doing anything constructive to help ‘the customer shopping experience’ or indeed ‘making moments matter’. Probably the only time they actually do anything is around Christmas when they appear in store wearing ridiculous t shirts and taking two hours to work one cage of spirits before disappearing off to have a well earned cup of tea and then spend the rest of the day in the training room typing away at their lap tops ( undoubtably sending each other emails about how much hard work they’ve done and how rude and inconsiderate these pesky customers are ) then having a jovial little chat in the confidential room before heading off early to beat the traffic!
    No matter how Tesco try to dress this up, make no mistake this is all about cutting costs and once again the executive management have gone for the softer option of shafting the people on the shop floor who actually are doing a fantastic job under increasingly difficult circumstances.
    I agree that costs should be cut but I also firmly believe that you have to speculate to accumulate and therefore I would urge Tesco to look at making greater savings a little higher up the tree by trimming the branches whilst nurturing the roots.

    • ExTopDog

      You are spot on. Group Team consisting of Group Clothing, Group Click and Collect, Group DotCom, Group Personnel, Group Non Food, Group Business Manager, Group Change Coach, Group Phone Shop, Group Tesco Tech, Group News and Mags Manager. The list is ENDLESS each earning around 50k when you include car allowance.

      There seems to be no governance as to who is signing off these roles and their purpose. Then on top of the fact you’ve got Store Managers earning in excess of 75k-100k because yet again there is no governance on salaries for WL3 upwards and some of these store managers are in the smallest shops in the UK Format. From my experience, all the better Directors within Tesco have gone international as they aren’t stupid, Tesco UK is in a really bad way.

  • nose brown

    I was going to go on options to become a team leader now I’ll have to become a manager instead

  • HR

    Looking at it, Ive worked in HR Retail Consultancy for many years. The problem with Tesco is it needs to free up payroll for more General Assistants. The only way it can do that is to get rid of the numerous management roles, the management structure in Tesco has too many levels. There was once only 5 levels between a shopfloor worker and the main board, this has been eroded, creating too much of a high payroll and TOO MANY LEVELS. They need to go back to this urgently.
    As most companies do not have the enormous amount of levels Tesco has.

    The comment around group teams sums up just where some of the payroll needs to come from. Most Store Managers in any company only need two things, well 3 actually, Personnel, Finance and AUTONOMY. This means a max of 3 people, a boss, a personnel person and a finance person per cluster of stores.

    On the issue around restructuring, it seems HR in Tesco has become weak in governance, as this should not have been made public until colleagues were told. Tesco used to be known for how good it was looking after people and most companies struggled to get Tesco people to leave and work for them. This has now shifted and other companies are becoming more and more people focussed.

    The people who will suffer the most are Department Managers, as if they do not pass the interview they will go straight to General Assistant as there no longer exists a Team Leader Role. The other people who will suffer are Ex Section Managers who failed to pass Line Manager interviews and were demoted to Team Leaders a few years ago, as they are now being told they’ve got to step down again!

    Just an opinion.

  • 7 years for sweet F-all

    Tesco is an absolute joke these days. All they care about is getting the money through the till. I’ve been here 7 years, currently on the options scheme which is a load of bollocks. You have to arse lick to even get a placement and now with all this cutting back is options even worth continuing. The waste and shrink is appalling. I had to waste around £5k of perfectly fine to sell grocery products the other day. This is what’s costing the company. The waste and shrink. We throw cages and cages of bakery products out each day, a full cage of fruit and veg which is perfectly sellable. Another problem lies with the big bosses. On stupid amounts of money to stroll around the stores and tell us hard working people that we need to do better. They treat the workers like crap. Ideal schedules based on heat maps was a waste of time. The only place for tesco now is down. I’d suggest that a lot of you even myself break the comfort zone and look for another job where you will be treated with respect and not get lugged with extra work all the time. As soon as people leave they never replace them. When I started there were 16 people in on a Saturday on the dairy section. Now there’s 5!!! It’s just not a nice place to work for these days and the benefits are awful. A measly 10% and a 20% off weekend like once every 2 years. The share scheme is useless now as the shares are worthless so there’s no profit to be made. If you’re still interested in retail jobs i suggest John Lewis / waitrose. Treated with respect, better benefits and bonuses. Overall I can just seen tesco getting more greedy, cutting more jobs and resources and expecting the GA TL and LM to pick up all the pieces!

    • nose brown

      I did gcse business studies and the first thing we were told was know your customers. we failed in America because we packaged the fresh produce when they like to feel and smell the freshness they like to be served by a person not a self scan machine. How many customers leave our stores after half filling their trolleys because they couldn’t get what they wanted due to dairy and grocery staff on tills. The wrong questions are being asked to the wrong people.
      This has been a long time coming they tried to take our shares they don’t replace GAs and lost hours. They have moved our hours around for the heat map, we get time back for overtime instead of pay at xmas when we could do with the extra money. Get ready for the s#!t storm, stick together GAs and team leaders the managers are protecting their pay and their bonuses.

      • Lol yeah well said! Idiot! “Stick together GAs and team leaders the managers are protecting their pay and bonuses.” GAs arnt effected! Managers are! They will be the ones taking the biggest pay cut! I have worked on most departments in a number of formats at many levels! Jobs have got tougher and tbh no job instore is easy to be done at the highest level! Unfortunaly People work hard at all levels the same as people are lazy at all levels! Unfortunately performance management is a long difficult process and this is easier! But please stop the squabbling, this could ruin people’s lives and nobody deserves that!

        • nose brown

          I already said a few comments up I was planning on being a teamleader. Without teamleader positions how many people can work up through the company?

  • Dave

    I work for tesco as a ga and have done so for 5 yrs . Restructuring is the way to go. Firstly we need real managers not options candidates who do not have a clue how to manage and if tl’s did their jobs instead of skiving then tesco would not be losing market share. The store I work in is so badly managed . We have long standing ga’s who run a mock and do as they please. We don’t have a single manager or tl who have the balls to sort them out . The outcry you are reading above are from idol staff who realise their time is up . Restructure ! Its needed, in fact its llong overdue .
    Let’s hope it happens and managers are made to manage and actually earn their pay.

  • Jason

    I do some what agree with you bob , but on the other hand Tesco Saving a bit of money compared to me and my kids sitting in the dark with no electric ? I no it’s business but what about me ! I can’t progress to a security manager because it doesn’t exist and there is no services manager that runs security it’s just me so what will happen is I will get demoted and made to carry on doing a team leader and managers job on ga wage , I can’t work on the shop floor and Evan if I could it would still be as a ga! I agree that there is a lot of useless team leaders out there who do nothing more than a ga but also managers on nights there are 8 in my store 3 I think is more than enough that’s at least £150k I just saved Tesco not including night rate

  • Concerned

    To me it seems as though many team leaders have give us a really really bad name! I run and manage my department just the same as a manager and it’s a hefty workload! Does any body know if these changes are affecting f&f too?

  • John

    I’m a tl and have been for 4 years and worked with tesco for 10 years and I hope they sort this all out soon and let everyone know where they stand. I have around 20 staff in total on grocery in my store on nights I mostly start at 8pm and finish at 8 am I do holidays Rotas training t5 welcome back meetings I work damn hard for my money and I hope tesco will recognise that myself and other team leaders like me doing all this hard work. I even went on holiday yesterday morning but still went in for 3 hours last night to help out as we were a bit short. I would like to believe tesco will support us best way they can.

  • Glad i’m getting out

    After reading all the comments all i can say is :- Those of you who work more than your contracted hours must have a screw loose. You did not sign a contract to work for nothing so why do it, and dont tell me its for the love of the company because that shows you up to be an even bigger fool. You are part of the problem all the extra free hours Tesco gets you to work just add them up and multiply by how many do it, you are saving them millions in wages and not doing yourselves any favours!!!!!

    We are all just a number on a pay roll and can be disposed off at will. The stock market dictates what money needs to be made and the first target is always the best asset any company has STAFF.

    Forget the unions standing up for you, they have no power or bite anymore and will rollover like a dog for its paymasters.

    I am T/L on nights working produce and i work my arse off every night. My night usually consists of losing 1.5 hours of my shift unloading and back losding a fresh double decker. Then i can start my backstock then delivery. This is all done on my own with no help or assistance from anywere, because as all produce staff know
    , nobody wants to do the job because its physical and most dont want to do physical work.

    As someone here pointed out the sooner it all falls down the better then they can start again, but hopefully i will be out of it by then.

    I have to say that Tesco is one of the worst employers i have ever worked for regarding staff welfare, i think they need to revisit Duty Of Care and fully understand what it means

    Rant over

    • Terry

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The sooner people realize that we are all just numbers, not assets, the better. We are not part of any team, we, like customers are merely tools for making others money.
      In the UK, all you guys seem to have this delusional idea that you are ‘vital’ to Tesco and they appreciate your ‘Loyalty’…Bullshit. ‘Loyalty’ works both ways. Tesco couldn’t give a toss about you and I include myself in this statement. You are just a number and always will be. I have seen MANY staff from GAs right up to Store Managers getting shafted by Tesco. When a company becomes too big, they loose their core(or what should be their core)values. If you lose the trust/moral of your staff, your screwed.
      Happy Staff = Happy Customers
      Unhappy Staff = NO Customers
      Retail is a relatively simple industry but Tesco have complicated things so much they are now in the shit. The reason for all this and more to cut is simple. They want to go back to basics. The customer just wants to be able to arrive at a clean, fresh store that offers good service, quality products at a good price. No need for a million managers who don’t have a clue. More staff on the floor, checkouts and .com would transform this company pretty quickly. Trying to run their stores with ridiculous budgets is a recipe for disaster, which is now happening. Sometimes companies get too big, have their fingers in too many pies and forget what/who put them were they are. This is the biggest reason why the discounters are doing so well, no frills, no bullshit, just quality products at decent prices.

  • Dave

    John, sorry to say, more fool you. At the end of the day you are a number, thats it, nothing else. As for doing 12 hr shifts, no doubt you dont get paid for them, so why give Tesco the help. Tesco will not recognise the effort you put in either, you are a number. As for going in on holiday, a no no, its obvious from your comments that your manager doesnt give a fig or else he would have sorted the departments short staffing level. At the end of the day the TL job is going and you will be a CA period, dont be a mug.

  • Bailey

    Just had the briefing today. Does anybody know what happens to the team leaders when asked to step down do they step into hours available around the store (the rubbish that nobody wants) Or same hours just no team leader benefits? Team leaders are the backbone of the stores can’t wait to see how many managers will actually manage without them!!

    • Mug

      You are dead right manager s can’t manage without us especially not mine I do most of the work on the dept .cant wait to see her on her own she will struggle badly

      • spud wynn

        ive not had a manager for the past 4 months…ive run the dept myself

  • Does anyone know if checkout TLs will have to reapply and fight for their jobs?

  • jacob

    Had my briefing today on restructure within what we call a company called tesco. Apparently it’s all about the customer and not the staff these days. I have worked for the company since 1986, I stepped down from a managers role 5 years ago after being in the position for 17 years. I can’t believe what the company think of the tl population. Our store manager had no answers to our questions today. Half the people in our store couldn’t run a tap, never mind a business. If I was u guys take your experience elsewhere, to a company that appreciate family values.

  • Bailey

    If they put as much time and effort into the staff as they put money into bright ideas on trying to salvage customers eg price promise, fuel save, MMM. Then maybe now us team leaders would not be taking the shortfall after they realised all these bright ideas were in fact a waste of money!!!

  • has very little helps crashed as I can’t get on there tonight ??

  • Tesco Slave

    We had our briefing today with all the managers, team leaders and the SM + PM. They announced that 12 stores are on a 12 week trial with a new structure. With the team leader roles being cut out and new position for the line managers being team managers. They kept repeating themselves saying ‘this is only a trial, there are many different trials going throughout T*sco all the time and there’s nothing to worry about as its only a trial. The SM also said this is not cost cutting it is thinking of new ways to improve the shopping experience for the customer. There will be no loss of head count in staff. He concluded by asking if anyone had any questions but no one said a word as we all knew anyway from reading the verylittlehelps forum. Which funnily enough the site is down…

    My personal opinion, T*sco is trying to cut costs in the company, redundancy packages and TL’s demoted to GA’s will save the company a large amount of money. T*sco in recent years after listen and fix in 2011 have been trying to cut costs in many ways. My department used to have 19 people on it with 5 full timers including the TL and since people have left and haven’t been replaced we are down to 11 with only 1 full timer which is the TL. This is getting worse every year as the last time we recruited was 2012.

    I also believe that this new structure is to kick in every store eventually. They are trying to make things easier for managers/TL’s already, take a look at the new training packs, now you only do it twice a year instead of every period. That’s a massive time saver right there. Scan as you shop has also come into my store which will have another 10%-15% of your daily customers going through them instead of mainbank which makes the ques lighter with making work a little bit easier as there are no calls for relief. They are also introducing a shop and delivery service in some stores which again, saving queue times in stores. Hence the TL’s are staying put! According to the forum the RUMOURS are that this will kick in every store within 12 months.

    Its believed that managers will have to re-apply for there jobs which will cut out the lazy ones out. I feel sorry for the people who are on options currently because if the structure changes surely that would mean options would have to be reformatted and they would start from scratch all over again. So instead of working up from a GA>TL>Manager (I know this is not always the case but a TL is a major stepping stone) it is going to be a massive step from GA>Manager. This will probably mean in the Team managers absence the person whos on options on the department will have to take over on GA pay. Term comes to mind ‘its for your development’.

    Its going to be a very interesting 12 weeks until the trial period is up and the results are through, everyone hang onto your seats, it could be a rough ride…

  • Photo Staff

    It will be interesting to see if the TL’s in our store get other roles within the store. As photo lab staff we are told the store is massively over manned therefore there are NO vacancies in our store and they can’t create a job for us.

  • Manager Under Pressure

    Over contracted, restructuring are sure signs of a company that are struggling to get to grips with their strategy since the recession kicked in. Tesco have restructured numerous times over the last ten years and have a bloated management structure that doesn’t cater for the customer. We didn’t have all these team leaders 8 or 9 years ago and we managed just fine!

    To say the team leaders basically do all the work just isn’t true, the average manager in our store works 46 plus hours a week. I’m not saying we haven’t got hard working team leaders, we have. We have to realise that we are just not making the same kind of money pre recession days. Line managers have to do duty and basically just end up in dot com. I know I go into dot com for about 20 hours per week and leave my team leaders on the shop floor to save them from disruption. My team leaders never do extra hours unless it is absolutely necessary and if the do they get time back, which is not something I get back!!!

    I hope we go back to the old structure. How long can the company go on paying 30 team leaders and 25 managers in one store, replicate this across the estate and you see the problem we have. If we restructure and add more GA’s then the customer gets the benefit.

    For too long we have long established colleagues who think the company owe them a living… Tesco is a business and has to make drastic decisions, some of those decisions will be tough to swallow but necessary if the company want to remain successful.

    Tesco have to do something to stem the rapid fall we are experiencing from the discounters who are taking market share from the big three supermarkets…

    • ScottishTL

      Sure if you got on ‘fine’ without Team Leaders the company wouldn’t have introduced the role in the first place? Tesco is a business run for profit. If there was no gains to be made in investing in Team Leaders they simply would not exist. Team Leaders/Supervisors aren’t really a new or outmoded concept in retail either. How do you expect a manager contracted for 36 hours a week to watch a team in a 24/7 extra operation? I know plenty of Team Leaders who ‘carry’ weak managers. I know plenty of managers who have inherited dead wood team leaders ready for retirement. To write them off as unnecessary across the board is really ignorant and ungrateful. Good luck in your new role, which you will have to reapply for, for the same wages and a job description who’s scope now includes the work of a Team leader.

  • Jonathan

    Well worked for Tesco since 1979 I seen some changes in my time some for the good some not
    Call it a trail well from my experience THIS will happen
    I work in Pi my manager can’t do my job and it goes for all the other managers it’s me and a full time right time right place lost a full timer
    Would love to see them deal with a 1000 legal labels 93 labels per hour and we do over and above that
    Well guys experience you can’t buy
    Will consider my options when the time comes

  • Sadie

    @ Tesco Slave

    You said
    “managers will have to re-apply for there jobs which will cut out the lazy ones out. ”

    I wish I could believe that.
    When Tesco restructured about 10 years ago, managers had to reapply for their positions.
    Our store was left with a predictable bunch of toadying managers, basically a cabal who were prepared to fib, cheat and cover up for each others failings while pointing the finger of blame for all the stores problems at anyone who wasn’t part of their clique and who thought independently and weren’t afraid to stand up and rock the boat.
    In many cases,Team Leaders are actually a kind of shock absorber for managers like this and I dread to think how the stores will manage without their input.
    In an ideal world, Team Leaders wouldn’t be necessary, but historically Tesco have promoted people who are so badly equipped for managerial, customer facing roles that they have often become the real managers in all but name (and salary).
    It would take years to remove and replace these incompetent managers with a genuine long term strategy of recruiting and training, which will never happen because all the board ever do is introduce short term, knee jerk initiatives which only exist to cheer the shareholders up on the day they’re announced and are never followed through (MMM anyone?)

  • Horses mouth

    Only the managers who are displaced need to apply for the new roles. The existing roles that have little or no change will stay as they are irispective of their capabilities.
    So great team leaders will be lost/demoted, great managers will be lost/demoted, and sub-standard TL’s and Managers manage to keep their jobs.
    THIS IS NOT A TRIAL! All Extras/Superstores will see this soon.
    I am in one of the “trial” stores, and to treat the team leaders so disgracefully is beyond my comprehension.

    • TL

      Any word on timescales here?
      How long will this ‘pilot’ run for? Any idea when it will be rolled out to other stores? Will it be region-by-region or a nationwide cull?

      I am convinced this will be rolled out across the whole company; but does senior leadership really think we are so naive to believe the “its only a trail/not a cost-cutting measure” brief sent out to stores? The lack of official information and the cloak & dagger action from the company itself is as frustrating as the restructuring situation itself.

    • Stock control

      Any news on stock control managers??? Has the role split??? Or we still doin grocery nd fresh??? Which senior manager stock controllers report to???

    • Stock control

      Any news on stock control manager role???

  • Mike

    Hi, just wondering is this definately going to be rolled across the UK? Any
    further news like how successful the change has been? Is this happening to nights as well?

    Thank you

  • It is amazing that cost cutting needs to remove TL , at least 2 store managers and a deputy have been disciplined for fiddling the books, a huge amount of money was involved, in my view this is gross misconduct and deserve the sack, NO they have only been demoted, we could have saved at lest 10 TL on their salary, and would you trust them to work with, were they doing it for the customers, I think not.
    No money for TL overtime ever but senior team is being payed huge amount to work overtime on Sundays where they do nothing whatsoever unless it involve going to the cantine or hiding in the offices. Try to call one when you need them.
    Tesco is hitting the little people who work to feed their famillies, but the rich ones get richer.
    In our store we even got told off for finding out.

    • very worried TL

      Why hasn’t usdaw got in contact with any of the reps in stores? (Members are asking) shocking stuff usdaw!! Is this what we pay our dues for

  • Optimist

    Remember, if Tesco does not change it will be forced out of business, resulting in 500,000 job losses of hard working people, rather than reallocation of a few.ALDI/LIDL have changed, Morrisons resisted change for a long time but is now being forced to change. Marks and Spencer did not change for a very long time and lost it’s place from being the world’s largest retailer to nobody. Large stores are making 15% less money than 5 years ago if you account for inflation, so Tesco have to make changes or they will be out of business. It has to reallocate money to growing side of the business.

    I do not think it is a cost cutting excercise, the pay to staff over the next year is forecast to increase according to the annual report of the company. The staff budget could possibly be reallocated to growing businesses restaurants, food to go, clothes, online grocery, direct etc.

  • Colleague

    This is my understanding of the situation;
    Superstores & Extras……
    Lead Team roles changing (except PM, Lead GHSM & OOHTM), Deputy & Lead Duty is gone to be replaced with Fresh & Ambient Traders, GMTM takes on Clothing. CSM becomes Customer Experience Manager and accountability for I Don’t Queue becomes a team A as the CEM is tasked to look at the entire customer experience not simply front end. All new Lead roles will include duties, this will no longer be a WL1 task.
    The new Team Manager role will not include duty management and managers will be solely tasked to deliver their departments, hence the removal of the Team Leader role.
    Team Leaders remain in checkouts and GHS, and in Phoneshop & Tech – as these are centrally funded to protect the service.

    The move acts as both a cost saving (at all levels, Leads – particularly Deputies, Lines – through removal of duty responsibility and TL through the removal of the role, all will go into consultation regarding their pay most will presumably erode 25% a year over 4 years), but also as a customer focused exercise through giving the WL1s time to focus on their departments through the removal of the duty “burden”.

    This saving is being passed in part to convenience, specifically Express – I’m unaware of any change to Metro stores. Express will recieve funding for an addition full time CA support per store, one full time colleague in addition to the current structure to complete duties/run shifts. This will allow the DMs and SMs time away from shift running. Other than this investment I’m not aware of any further changes in Express. DMs stay and Team Leaders stay.

    Overall it should be a positive change as the business restructures the larger stagnant part and invests in the fastest growing most profitable part.

    • A disgruntled TL

      Which is fine and dandy in theory however in reality it doesn’t quite work that way. Speaking for my store my line managers do on average 2 duty shifts per week (each duty shift being roughly 4 to 5 hours in length)the rest of their time they are required to pick or help pick up left delivery from the night team and rarely see their own departments. As most departments are paper thin on staff due to ideal schedules and no overtime TL’s fill the gaps and keep things going. This isn’t going to magically change by restructuring, if TL’s revert to CAs there will still be no extra staff on the department, the manager will still be expected to support the store and the former TL will probably be expected to do their old job. I have to laugh when I read Phil Clarke saying “put the customer at the heart of what we do” when I’m not allowed OT to help cover desks and expected to cover 2 service areas at opposite ends of the shop at the same time by myself. I have come to realise lead teams have little idea of what really happens at store level

  • James Buckley

    The question on every is asking – Why is our Union, USDAW accepting what is fundamentally the erosion of our working conditions? If you’re a Team Leader chances are to begin with that you’re a responsible member of staff who would only need the unions services for extreme scenarios, like this. I’ve paid fees for ten years and they aren’t willing to flex the considerable muscle they have. If they keep this up to their own detriment they’ll have no one paying fees for a worthless union. Strike action – one day, all of us united, potentially millions lost for the company, only a days pay for you and I. Lobby your reps and area organisers for strike action colleagues.

    Any existing team leader knows regardless of weather the Team Leader role exists or not in the future, the work they do day to day will still need to be done. Everyone knows that management will expect Customer Assistants to pick up the slack for less money. The scope of a Customer Assistant job will encompass what was formerly the job of a team leader, albeit for less money in a more disorganised fashion. This is suicide for efficient operations of our departments and as a result it is sure to impact on customer service.

    • Andy

      I asked my Union Rep about strike action and was told “Tesco staff do not strike, they are like the Police”

      • very worried TL

        If the is true about union,I for one be pulling out and will not be the only one either (watch this space usdaw)

  • John

    I work in an extra in Scotland on nights as a team leader and there is 2 other team leaders on nights, if they ask us to step down to ga and give us protected pay I will no longer be coming in at 8pm and going home at 8am and will still be getting a little bit extra, I know for a fact I will be a big loss to my department as a tl going to a ga, as at the moment I come in early and pull all the grocery cages onto the shop floor to enable the staff to start straight away at 10pm in their aisles.

    • Raza

      I have to agree with you John, We are the backbone of night shift, and night shift is the backbone of our Stores. But nobody else sees it that way. If we T/L’s dont stay behind to finish our waste, our aisles, and make sure the store is absolutely ready for our customers, then nobody else will.
      In my store I work with managers who are total sheep in regards to accepting a shitty handover and having to give the best possible handover even if they have to stay till 10 a.m. I am the only member of staff in the whole of night shift who ever stands up to the day shift managers in the morning when they b*tch and moan about what we havent done because we are 5 bodies down. My managers wouldnt say boo to a goose, and hence they accept all this shit that is thrown at them.
      If i am gone, the only difference i see is my managers getting crushed more. They are already on their knees, scraping their asses filling shelves alongside us. The only person that stays back for them is their team leaders. And once you remove that too then God help them.
      I am thinking of moving to a secure dept. like check outs or customer services and even if i to step down i will do so and go on options which i have been dying to do but couldnt because I had to complete all the team leader training…but good luck everyone.

  • spud wynn

    can anyone confirm is pay will be protected???

  • Jeff

    In our store a lot of the line managers have already been heard to say “team leaders are just glorified GAs anyway” lol. Great for keeping the morale as always ;0)

  • cullidane

    fool you are.
    Do you realy think the top bosses care about this.
    Now start working your contracted hours only.

    • John

      Yeah your right I am a fool but I know my night management team and senior management have appreciated me doing this, but when i go back to work next week from being on holiday I will continue to support my grocery team until we get official word and date that this takes place, because I emailed Philip Clarke and got a reply and it is only a trial and my come to nothing.

  • Dave

    But a partnership agreement betrays workers. It actually denies the legal right of workers to build a real union in Tesco, that is a union that can bargain on pay, hours and holidays. If ‘recognition’ already exists in the form of this partnership deal, no better ‘recognition’ situation can every be won by the union. The only choice facing Usdaw members is for them to change their union and that is easier said than done. And that is why USDAW will agree to everything Tesco wants.

  • Dave

    John, unfortunately you will not be a big loss, even thaough you may think so, please dont take this the wrong way, you are but a number, nothing else and you will be replaced.

    • Raza

      Thats the problem. There is a gap of 6 or 7 levels between a team leader on the shop floor and any area personnel or director of the company. The only people that know or appreciate our hard work (even if its just deep down) is the in store managers or maybe a visiting area manager who shows his face once a year. Nobody else sees how hard we work our how we drive the company forward. Its easy for the fat cats sitting at the top to press a KILL button and wipe us out, while the managers down below only apologise and say ‘we are not the ones making decisions here’. Its a perfect system. People you can complain to say they arent responsible. And people that are responsible, you cant get in touch with.

    • John

      I may not be a big loss to Tesco but I will be to my store, like I sent Clarke an email and got a reply and it is only a trial and may never be fully rolled out.

  • stock control tl

    This has been interesting reading i only found out about this today and that was from a ga , i have worked for tesco since 1981 and have seen all the changes that have gone through the company over the years.
    Hearing second hand from a colleague is bad enough but hearing nothing from Tesco themselves is not on .
    Tesco has gone downhill since Philip Clarke took the role on i’m surprised he has lasted this long tbh , he is ruining Tesco the shareholders need to put in a vote of no confidence against him .
    i live on my own and have a mortgage losing my tl rate will hit me hard ,i was hoping to move home but if this does happen i won’t be able to afford to.
    btw Photo shop staff have been offered redundancy or work for Tinsons when they take over the Photoshop thier tesco pensions will be frozen and the will no longer be tesco employees , apparently Tinsons are better employers than Tesco which is no surprise tbh

  • twitterfollower

    Seems this structure is very much like the structure before when team leaders were introduced and instead of duty managers there were section managers, now when this was brought about section managers were given an extra 4k as they were being given the responsibility of duty management as this is responsibility is now being taken away i would also assume there will be a pay decrease for current managers who become a “team manager” as they no longer have this responsibility. Not saying this will happen however something to be considered

  • Raza

    I would love to know USDAW’s stance on this whole issue. I am pretty sure they are in on this. I have heard a lot of negative things about them over the past few years, how they are only here to make money. I have been paying them a fiver a month for the past 6 years that i have been with the company and except the one pay rise we had in the last couple of years, i dont see any other contribution they have made to our working conditions. Am i missing anything?

  • HubbaBubba

    Team leaders are paid £8.95 per hour, general assistants £7.28 – that’s a loss of £244 per month!
    We were fobbed off with a story that we would only lose £20.

    • spud wynn

      im on £23,700 on nights…i bloody earn it too…

      as i said earlier ive run my dept since christmas cos my boss quit,i guess im effectively doing the new “team manager” role,i work with the GAs,do training,holidays,attend handover meeting etc…but im not allowed to apply for the management position cos im not on options,ive done most of the workshops a few years though….

      so unless my pay is protected im kinda being forced to step up….cos theres no way i can afford to drop down to a CA wage…

      • Mug

        I do what you do to but only contracted part time don’t earn that much per year and I won’t be able to manage either this all sucks why can’t we be told straight instead of all the trash everyone is saying what is the real truth are all team leaders going or are c/outs staying people just keep saying don’t worry it will be ok! But people still worry and think about the future. I have and still do work hard but some people are “Protected ” nothing happens to them doesn’t matter what they say or do they still keep their jobs but don’t deserve them that is some managers and some team leaders others work hard for no thanks and have the piss taken out of them!!!!

  • Alison

    We were told at our briefing that all team leaders will be able to apply for the checkout team leader roles & that existing checkout team leaders will not automatically get the role. We were also told that there wouldn’t be any redundancies!! Also told that it is only a pilot in a few stores & may not happen.Have we been misled?

  • Counters TL

    Blah blah blah.
    I know I will lose my job and be demoted or redundant. I walked around smiling all day today. No more 15 hr days. No more 9hr shifts with no break. No more nagging of staff to do holidays. No more rotas. No more running round like a headless chicken because we have a visit from a Suit from Above.
    I either get paid to be a TL on a GAs job, or I get paid a small redundancy fee to get off my butt and find a new job.
    Im not moaning.
    Im laughing.

    Sorry Tesco, but Im not sorry.
    My store could not function with the current management, let alone with a few less.

    Still smiling.

    • Tesco is not screwed, they know they will always find some smart ass ga to do the jobs for nothing, the management is getting younger and younger and the training they get is all about figures and bulling staff into submission.
      To all team leaders out there beware, this is the end of us, not tesco
      The new thing in stores not yet affected is managing team leaders out of their job before it comes into store so they don’t have to pay redundancy. I have spoken to 3 so far who are going through this. I’m waiting for my turn. And when tesco want to manage you they find something regardless of wether it is a lie or not, they make it stick.
      I for my part will Cary on doing my job until it hits us but making life changes to reduce my overheads and looking for another job at the same time..

      • john

        I too am a current team leader who is being managed out of his job so they dont have to pay me off, im glad someone else as said it as i was begining to think it was in my head

    • AndySmith

      Are You aware in May 2016 there is an Award of 5% Annual Bonus and 3% Pay-Rise for All Employees? Other than 1 other High Street Department Store Chain who else is doing this?

  • John

    I emailed Philip Clarke and I recieved an email back and it is only a trial and may never be rolled out.

    • very worried TL

      OMG do you really believe what Philip Clarke says? It will go ahead because they will save billions all they care about is the share holders f*#k the people who work there buts off have family, house,and have to eat.Thanks a lot phil. Are you doing what you did overseas? well we all know what happened there?

  • silver fox

    Whilst this is a trial in 12 stores and may not go a head the problem is as follows
    1.I still have not been told by any senior manager anything
    2.whilst we have some good managers and team leaders we also have some very poor members of the team would it not be best to have a cull of these.
    3.this whole issue has been handled so badly that Philip Clark and the board do something about this as not only does it worry the staff and piss them off but reflects bad on tescos as a joke with the left hand not knowing what the right is doing.
    4.finally I hope that we who are all affected are kept up to date on a regular basis ( I won’t bank on that).

    My thought are with those going through this at the mo ,if you have done everything asked in your role good luck however if you have not you have yourself to blame.

    I would like any of the board to come and talk direct to those affected for the real facts.

    • Mug

      Yes! Well said

  • spud wynn

    hes not doing a very good job looking after the shareholders is he!

  • jacob

    As a tl, in the shrink meeting this week I was TOLD that I would be working a 12 hour shift for our modern stock take. So I politely had to put them right there and then “I don’t bloody think so”

  • Dave

    From USDAW….Official

    Statement from Pauline Foulkes – Usdaw’s National Officer representing members working in Tesco

    Over the last couple of days, speculation has surfaced on various social media and websites regarding a pilot of a proposed new management structure in 12 stores in the Midlands area.

    This speculation in turn is generating anxiety for our members and Reps. Therefore, I want to set the record straight and put in to context what is actually happening.

    Tesco has announced its intention to pilot a proposed new management structure in 12 stores in the Midlands Area. The proposed structure being piloted is outlined below and is taken from the Tesco briefing:

    Lead Manager roles – some roles will be removed and we will create a number of new Lead Manager roles;
    in larger stores, Lead Managers will complete the majority of duty management;
    the Line Manager role will be removed and replaced by a number of new Team Manager roles;
    most Team Leader roles will be removed and those that are retained will be renamed Team Supports (only in high head count departments, e.g. checkouts, dotcom);
    investment is being made in Express stores, who will gain an additional colleague to complete duty management.

    The pilot has not gone live yet. A consultation process has started with the colleagues in the 12 stores affected. Usdaw is currently in discussions with Tesco on the options available to colleagues that are affected, how to support colleagues that may have to transition to new roles, and how to support colleagues whose pay may be affected as a result.

    I am sure you appreciate that our first priority was to support our members and Reps in the stores that are affected and then to ensure a wider briefing was delivered by Tesco to Reps, Team Leaders and Line Managers in those stores that are not part of the pilot. This is entirely in line with the usual communication process and briefings should have been completed by now. If these briefings have not taken place in your store please speak to your Store Manager.

    The pilot will go live once the consultation process concludes in the 12 stores. During the pilot, our members, Reps and Usdaw officials will be part of the review process in the 12 pilot stores.

    I completely understand why the news of this pilot has caused anxiety for our members and Reps, resulting in many questions being asked. However, I trust that you will understand that I cannot answer these questions as I am not in a position to pre-empt what may, or may not, happen at the end of the pilot or what decisions will emerge.

    I can only communicate the facts as I know them and that is 12 stores are involved in the pilot and no other store, or colleague, is affected at this time.

    This communication is intended to provide an accurate update of the proposed new management structure that is due to be piloted, to put an end to speculation and to reassure our members and Reps that I will keep you updated about the pilot and of any further developments.

    • Andy

      Its a shame that USDAW did not make a statement when Tesco decided to sell the Photo Shops staff contracts to Timsons !!!!

      Initially the Photo Shop staff were informed if they did not want to transfer to Timsons they would be retained by Tesco – it then transpired that this was not the case and come 28th April the Photo Shop staff are no longer employed as Tesco staff and have to transfer to Timsons. If they want to stay with Tesco they have to apply for a job in-store when it is advertised or else the contract with Tesco ceases.

      The T&C’s transfer to Timsons (for a period) except the store discount and the Share Scheme.

      USDAW signed the document (TUPE) allowing this to happen.

      Timsons do not recognise USDAW and I have been informed that USDAW still want to ‘advise’ the photo shop staff at the same rate of deductions from our pay but cannot represent the staff – what the F*ck !!!!

      • Michael

        Don’t believe anything you hear from union. I was tesco photo shop. Paid my union fees, not once did they come to any meeting, reps in store could not help as there reply was “have not been told anything”. Start with max spielmann on Monday, just hope they treat us better than tesco have

  • jacob

    We still all have a right to know what’s happening. It’s our lives we’re talking about.

  • stock control tl

    a meeting was held on tuesday about this our union reps weren’t invited and they new nothing about this pilot , the union won’t stop this going ahead the above statement tells us nothing really apart from the fact sometime this year i and others will be out of a job or £3k worse off a year :/
    I never saw this on the BBC or anything and it’s not been in the papers as far as i’m aware (i rarely read newspapers) but it needs to be so i have already contacted the BBC and will be firing off emails to the tabloids as well (thats if any hasn’t done this already ???? )

  • stock control tl

    I used to love working for Tescos but this no longer the case 30+ years of service just be f***d over like this.
    If i take redundancy that screws my pension and if i stay on that screws my pension as well due to earning less money .
    I’m 50 and finding another job won’t be as easy for me as other members of staff.
    Don’t blame your store manager for the lack of staff they can only work with the wage budget they have been given out store an extra is running at 114 PI !!! we just got another dotcom van bringing us to 13 now we get some extra budget for that , and they want to run it at 100 PI along with checkouts so that every other department doesn’t suffer by losing all thier staff to Dot Com and checkouts .
    Will it work we will have to wait and see

    • space ranger

      I’m only tl of 1 part time member of , which seems pretty pointless, but I basically run our merchandising department with little input from my manager

      So I think I deserve the pay I get

      If I leave yeah I may be replaced easily but it will take a long time to get the knowledge into a new member of staff, I know the store inside and out

      Whereas majority of checkout tls don’t know nothing except what’s in front of them

  • Sign off

    As a team leader on options I’m quite concerned that there’s no way in hell they’re gonna sign me off now. Especially as my sign off date next week has just been cancelled. Hundreds of displaced managers scrapping for roles the last thing they want is any more. Which means I end up back to ga pay. From a personal point of view all I want is a bit of clarity as the briefing I received was a joke.

  • Tesco London colleague

    It’s a shame that Phill Clarke believes that loosing team leaders will help the company financially. Phill Clarke has drastically lowered the morale of hard working team leaders and managers, what ever happened to happy colleagues happy customers. This in turn is leading to poorer customer service for our customers at a time we can’t afford to loose anymore. Phill you have made a massive mistake with this trail, and even worse the Communication To store mangement and team leaders. Also doing a trail in a part of the country with generally quieter stores then London and other busy cities which you intended to roll to is an unbelievable error.

  • Optimistic

    Why can’t folks concentrate on what they can do best i.e. serving the customer and taking care of the store?

    Tesco management has not announced any cost savings initiative, so it’s unlikely that anybody who does his job well will be let go. They will be absorbed in other parts of the business. They have to change and restructure and redeploy staff in growing parts of the business.

    Big extra stores are selling 20% less than 5 years ago in real terms, if they don’t restructure they are going to fail 500,000 jobs and not just Team Leaders. It’s not the fault of Tesco management, it’s the fault of the economy where the people have less money to spend. It’s also the fault of the general public who have started shopping more online include all the Tesco staff.

    All this negativity is only going to make the one the richest men on earth even richer i.e. owner of ALDI/LIDL.
    Tesco is a company which does not work for it’s shareholders but only it’s employees, shareholders have not made a penny in the last ten years.

  • TescoTL

    Hi all, I’m a tesco team leader in port Glasgow extra, we have received no info from our management & have been left reading what we can online, obviously fuelling rumours & causing unrest & resentment between tls & management. Anyway, does anyone have concrete info on if our pay is protected & for how long etc? Thanks.

  • Worried T/L

    I have worked for Tesco for 20 years and take pride in the work that I do. Tesco have been so sneaky and back stabbing. Can’t quite believe it. Oh well looks like I will have to consider what to do regarding my future. This is so worrying for me and my family. Us T/L’s all do a very good job and most of us actually run our departments as our managers are hardly ever around. Tesco what are you doing? You are losing all confidence with colleagues!!!! It will soon rub off on customers also. Is that what you want????? Absolutely disgusting behaviour!!!

    • AndySmith

      Are You aware in May 2016 there is an Award of 5% Annual Bonus and 3%
      Pay-Rise for All Employees? Other than one other High Street Department
      Store Chain who else is doing this?

  • Bob

    Have you seen the share price recently – not looking good

  • mgr

    Does anyone know the structure for front end in extras? Posts stating checkout team leaders will stay in place but no management structure has been released. In many extras there are two checkout managers, services manager and petrol filling station manager. Will this be the case in the new structure?

  • NF SCM

    How on earth is a stock control manager supposed to manage a merchandising team who works nights without a team leader., especially if they ( as has been rumoured) add grocery stock control to non food and merchandising role. Totally unachievable, unless they expect us to work 24 hours a day.

  • John

    Yeah £2.81 a quid down on a 80p or so down on a year ago. I say no news is good news so let’s wait and see. I’ve also heard that it is protected pay but when the pay rises happen we won’t get the rise.

  • Rich

    My wife was close to tears when she was told her team leader roll was going to go .I said look on the bright side no doing unpaid work no cancelling your holiday when some one is of sick no working at 100 MPH when the work load is high and after working for Tesco for 27 years with only one week sick it is time to think about your self and take it easy .Mr P Clark (know as Pack Man back in the day when he was a trainee)is a very clever man and would normally have my repect but this time I think he has got it wrong, if you take away the cement form between the bricks the roof will cave in and Tesco may come crumberling down.And we’re is the Union when you pay over £109 per year thay are not fit for purpose and we should get our money back thay are a waste of time and a big waste of money that will be one way of saving money when the pay cut comes. Shame on Tesco Adams Shame on the rubbish Union.

  • Dave

    It’s a mixed bag. Confusion and stress are the order of the day, understandably.

    Two daytime TL’s want redundancy; I’m one of them.

    I have heard that several night TL’s want redundancy.

    None of us dare invoke another 45 days. We’re tired of asking Union Reps/PM if protected pay details have come through yet. It’s always the same answer… “We’re still waiting back for an answer”.

    I know at least two day Managers that want redundancy.

    Warehouse Manager and Grocery Manager both seem to be keeping their cards close to their chests. I suppose I can understand this. One of them may well cease to be a Manager in a little over 2 weeks time, barring any notice they may have to work (another grey area, by the way – do we have to work a notice period? do we not have to? nobody knows for sure!)

    Don’t know intentions of our night Managers. As confused and stressed as the rest of us I guess.

    The company have no right to cause so much suffering by deliberately withholding information pertinent to people’s future. Restructure, okay. THIS, no way.

  • Sorry to hear about what Tesco are about to do to their loyal workers.
    Tesco are now treating you as they now treat their customers.
    Tesco has forgotten what made them a good store. Good workers and good products, including fresh produce.
    I will never shop at Tesco again after purchasing a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone that does not work correctly, Tesco don’t want to know me under the terms of warranty, and Samsung have told me (in a nice way) that their phone is a load of crap that they retail through Tesco.
    Tesco will upgrade the phone and scrap the original monthly contract if I take out a new contract for more money.!!!
    Tesco are on the way down my friends, get out and find a job with a progressing company like Asda or Aldi.
    I am so fed up with Tesco I just leave bad blogs everywhere about how they treat customers with this bad product from one of their stores in Loughborough. I don’t mind if you print this off and give it to one of Tesco Managers. Thanks.

  • H. Choulot

    Tesco: they are such snobs and their Customer Service is dreadful… I had a bad service from them last week and even the CEO’s office did not really do anything per se to compensate how we were treated. Having worked with known key people in society within the USA and UK, they made a mistake to be condesending to us as I shall continue to point out the truth: Tesco thing that they are the big cheese but their bad customer service already made them to forget to go into the French market and they had to quit the US market: I wonder why…not.

  • The Spook

    We the willing, lead by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. For so long we have been doing so much with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing!

  • grocery mgr

    Anybody going through restructure heard anything about protected pay for mgr or teamleaders?

  • Customer service mgr

    I’m a CSM for sainsburys and I have to say… team leaders are pivotal to the success of the business (I have also been a team leader)
    They run the dept, do any shift required etc… I cold go on all day.
    I know personally I would be screwed if they got rid of T.L – because seriously let’s face it – they do all the hard work and us managers just plan things and tell the T.L. So we’ve got it easy. I know I have i manage 4 checkout team leaders however I work hard and having been a colleague and a checkout team leader I work dammed hard compared to others managers I’ve seen.
    Anyway back to the point – I think tesco needs to restructure it’s management…
    That’s what sainsburys did about 5/6 years ago got rid of 2 positions and made it into 1.
    I think that’s what’s needed! Less deputy store managers and the likes of a fresh manager then a produce manager etc… let the manager oversee 2 depts.
    don’t touch team leaders lol

  • Sarah

    This thread seems to have gone quiet….any update on anything? or is it all cancelled?….

  • Paul

    Latest rumour is that process starts in extras in October with superstores to follow soon after. Still no word on new structure, pay an conditions or how long process will take. Management team in my store say they know nothing, but several have been overheard talking about team leaders going before x-mas.

  • mic

    Latest rumours is a pay off for t/l s of £6000 , which when you add up loss of pension over the comming years ect and loss per year against g/a income tesco is screwing t/l s hard. Still zero union reactions so what are we paying them for , i can see union dues being stopped by all those who have had a pay cut. The good news is clarke has gone , Watch this space.

  • chris H

    I think tesco will find very soon that they actually needed these team leaders, these people willing to go above and beyond and work silly hour shifts or run around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done, they are essentialy removing the carrot before the donkey because although i consider myself team leader material i am not management i cannot spew their corporate rubbish, and now feel i have nothing to work towards. Yet they keep the useless checkout team leaders, at my store there is usually a manager or two constantly on checkouts why do they need team leaders there, i can honestly say every stock team leader in the building can quite easily run checkouts but id like to see the checkout team leaders run a warehouse or run grocerys while the manager is on annual leave, no more going above and beyond for tesco it is, tell you what get rid of the useless managers and lets team leaders run the whole thing!

    • AndySmith

      Are You aware in May 2016 there is an Award of 5% Annual Bonus and 3%
      Pay-Rise for All Employees? Other than 1 popular High Street Department
      Store Chain who else is doing this?

  • Eniale Northevery

    My son has just been bullied and demoted, terrible practice and devastating for those at the receiving end of York manager’s duplicity,
    this explains a lot!

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