Netto signage revealed

A minor break from the ’66’ for Dave Lewis (there are 3 blogs to come!) as the Netto signage has been revealed via a planning site, and it looks like a definite change from the Netto we were used to. Whilst the logo remains the same, the yellow is likely sharper than the one used […]

Would UGO back?

After the UGO press call in January, I was keen to monitor the ongoing progress of the fledgling chain as it slots into the Haldanes family and enters the retail battleground that is the discounter market. You have to admire Haldanes for making this move into the discounter market, especially in the UK which has […]

Would UGO to Netto-lite?

I had the relative pleasure of attending the press call for the new discounter concept launched by Haldanes yesterday, labelled ‘UGO’ it’s essentially taken the colouring, font and ‘branding’ from Netto and is using it for their own 20 stores purchased from Asda/Netto last week, Netto were taken aback but rather pleased when it was […]

Asda’s purchase of Netto could be a wise move

Asda’s purchase of Netto was widely reknowned as Asda attempting to buy market share to keep themselves ahead of a resurgent Sainsbury, the struggling Netto with a mere 0.7% of the market was an obvious choice for a sale when parent company Moller Maersk were looking to shed some business. There was little criticism when […]