Throwback Thursday 2: Tesco Watford refit

Throwback Thursday! The weekly look at the Grocery Insight archives (we have 60,000 + images), today it’s Tesco Watford Extra and the re-opening of the refitted store back in August 2014. A year later, Philip Clarke was to lose his job and Dave Lewis parachute in to rescue the ailing chain. The 3 stores (Coventry, […]

Tesco launching ‘farm brands’

Back to the future from Tesco? Around the time of the discount emergence and the recession, Tesco launched a number of discount brands (Country barn cornflakes) which were direct imitators of their Aldi equivalents – higher price than Value but lower than core brand. 


This post originally appeared on LinkedIn, and has been republished here in full. Not the galaxy, but in Tesco – who do have a galaxy of their own with the space in stores. A far cry from not so long back, where rumours of an overstock reduction would see warehouses ‘freed up’ to create space […]