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The Grocery Insight newsletter is a periodic, detailed email. Sent direct to your inbox 2-3 times a week.

Whether it’s a preview or review of a retailers performance, a review of New York based retail themes from our store visits, an overview of general trading in the marketplace…. Tesco/Booker developments, wider thoughts on Easter or a new M&S store visit.

This email service is read by numerous key people in the sector and offers unrivalled coverage of the sector.

Our subscription-only email service is there for all these subjects and many, many more.

A truly unique insight service, with images aplenty. Also included in our notes are the potential solutions for the challenges laid out in front of you. It’s honest, unbiased research offering a unique perspective of the sector at large.

One retail CEO told me he follows our service religiously; so what are you waiting for? Join illustrious company and benefit today from a unique perspective on the food market in the UK and beyond.

We accept card payments via Barclaycard and we are able to generate invoices for anyone with an expense account too.

One of our most recent research notes features Sainsbury’s and their price cuts (look at all those images!) This is a good example of what you can expect from our service, in depth analysis and up to date views, twice a week, sent direct to your email address.

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