Grocery Insight
Store-based Methodology

Grocery Insight delivers market-leading intelligence on the grocery retail industry.

I’m able to provide my informed level of analysis because of my dedicated store-based methodology.

How I deliver unrivalled store insight:

  • Every retailer is visited over the course of the trading week
  • Concept stores are visited as they open, showcasing retailer direction across all categories
  • All retailer formats are visited and reviewed
  • Everything of interest is photographed and analysed, with relevant imagery included in my range of insight packages
  • My informed store floor observations reveal complex overall company strategies at a stroke
  • In-store analysis highlights how execution is helping or hindering strategic vision
  • I’m close to the industry, with numerous sources for the latest news, trends and developments
  • My dedication to first-hand research gives me an unparalleled understanding of the food retail industry
  • My breadth of knowledge enables me to cover different angles for different clients
  • I offer a fully confidential service, tailored to each client

Thanks to the above methodology, I’m able to offer unrivalled intelligence on the day-to-day business of the stores.

This unique perspective – allied to my broad industry knowledge, experience and insider contacts – helps make Grocery Insight the go-to resource for competitive insight into the UK’s food retail market.

If you’d like to learn more about the Grocery Insight methodology or discuss an opportunity, please get in touch.


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