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My name’s Steve Dresser and I’m a former retailer turned insight provider.

I know the UK food retail industry better than anyone else, enabling me to deliver market-leading intelligence and perspective.

Steve Dresser - Grocery Insight

I provide insight on everything from: boardroom shake-ups to the latest shop floor signage, national trends to regional exceptions, and all points in between.

What’s selling, what’s not, what’s likely to be on customers’ shopping lists in the future – and how, where and when they’re going to want to do that shopping.

How I got started

It all started with a blog.

I used to run ‘UK Retailers’, a blog charting the dealings of UK supermarkets.

Back in 2011, Morrisons and their fresh format stores were forefront in the minds of many within the industry, and my coverage of developments proved popular.

Thanks to the analysis demonstrated by the blog, clients began to request my perspective on other aspects of the food retail industry.

As my client-list began to expand, my Twitter feed (@Dresserman) helped increase my profile still further by showcasing my timely, relevant and unique insight and experience.

In 2012, I developed Grocery Insight as a standalone business, offering a range of insight services focussed on the UK food retail industry.

Grocery Insight continues to go from strength to strength, and I now provide insight packages to numerous stakeholders in the UK and overseas, as well as knowledge and opinion to various print and broadcast media outlets.

How I work

I come from a retail background, and have worked for both Sainsbury’s and Asda. This founding experience means I can relate wholeheartedly to ‘real life’ events in-store – both from behind the scenes and, perhaps even more importantly, the customer’s point of view.

I focus on visiting stores and seeing how things work ‘at the coal face’, rather than analysis, spreadsheets and countless customer focus groups. These elements can play a part in researching and revealing market strategy and execution, of course, but there is nothing to replace first-hand knowledge and experience. I’m proud to say there is no other provider offering my level of insight.

I combine this rigorous reconnaissance with broad industry contacts and extensive expertise to gain invaluable insight into the UK’s grocery retail sector.

I then tailor this insight to all interested parties within the industry: retailers, suppliers, analysts, investors, marketing agencies, and broadcast and print media.

Follow me

You’ll find me on Twitter, reporting the very latest direct from the shop floor via @Dresserman.

My blog features occasional musings on events and developments within the broader industry.

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