Welcome to Grocery Insight. We’re not like other retail consultancies or advisors. Our focus is on visiting lots of stores, every single week, to see the reality of retail.

We don’t just go after the latest trends or visit only the newest, shiniest stores (although we like visiting those stores too!).

We’re as interested in what the Stoke superstore looks like on a cold Tuesday evening in January as we are in the latest concept store from Amazon.

But this is what retail is; a patchwork of extremes – good to bad, and everything in between.

Our store visits are used to help you to improve your retail offer. Grocery Insight offers a laser-like focus on best practice, combined with a common-sense approach and a continual concern for what a customer would think. 

We focus obsessively on the customer and their in-store experience. Every store visit we undertake yields a huge number of photos, and we hold over 250,000 high-quality images showcasing the very best of retail from stores around the world.

We use our retail expertise to advise and guide our clients, who range from leading retail executives seeking the truth about their own stores, to marketing agencies who want to see the latest and greatest from a seasonal event or promotional campaign, to investment analysts who need impartial, independent insight into both the performance of each retailer and the retail market as a whole.

Whether it’s advisory services, a truthful perspective, insight on new products, opinions on service and store standards, layouts, display, or anything else in between, Grocery Insight are here to help.

Let’s work together to make retail great.

Our ways of working

Our principles may seem simple, but they are powerful and will deliver the right results.

After all, retail is a simple business that is often overcomplicated.


We have an obsessive focus on detail.

We aim to delight every single client and offer fresh and unique perspectives on your challenges.

Truth be told

This is crucial. We don’t sugar coat; we can’t afford to.

We lift rocks, we visit stores, we observe and capture what we see. We challenge and agitate to provide the unvarnished truth.


Our images are everything.

We have a library of over 250,000 and we curate the very best examples and insight for you.

Back to basics

We don’t provide complex frameworks, methodologies or algorithms.

We focus on the basics when we visit stores, and relentlessly question both why we see things and the impact of what we see on the customer.

Always another way

There is always another way.

There is always an example, somewhere, of something that we can suggest to improve your business.


We are trusted to visit stores and provide an objective view of what we have seen.

We then feed this into our wider perspectives and thoughts on the retailer.

Working Together

Interested in what you have read so far?

Intrigued as to how we convert images and observations into a tangible product (or three)?

Our core service offer is below but we’re not confined by this. All bespoke requests are welcome too. 

Grocery Insight on demand

Our research store features reports from supermarkets we have visited around the world, best practice from seasonal events, and industry trends.

Retail advisory and guidance

Grocery Insight offer trusted and honest perspectives on your business, the wider market, retail best practice, wider market trends, and anything and everything in between.

Retail Insight by email

Retail by email

Our retail by email service features exclusive in-depth insight and analysis from across the retail space.

We feature reports from our store visits, analysis of the latest trends, and a focus on retailers’ financial reporting throughout the year.

Solving Retail Problems

Solving retail problems

Work with us to solve your problems.

We have a defined process that we use to decipher the challenge and work together on solutions using our vast archive of ideas and imagery.

Retail project - tailored and bespoke

Tailored and bespoke

Do you need something on a larger scale, something more regular, or some additional expertise?

Are you new to your role and need an honest perspective?

Do you have an obscure retail challenge or request and are unsure who to turn to?

We can help.

Retail Insight portals

Our insight portals

We have a huge retail image database, featuring hundreds of thousands of images, all beautifully organised and curated.

Alongside this we have our insight platform, which offers weekly updates on wider areas of retail on a fully-customised basis.

Both are offered entirely in line with your requirements and internal categorisation.


“Steve is the IMDB of grocery retail”

Matt Godfroy

I have known of Steve and his work for a number of years and I found his observations to be of great benefit when driving change, wanting evidence-based perspective to drive improvements and remind our internal teams of the ‘reality’ that customers can face in store.

Since moving to the US, I have maintained an interest in Steve’s observations and his way of working translated seamlessly to visiting stores in the US and providing his expertise on best practice and guidance for senior executives.

Mark Ibbotson – Asda COO, Walmart EVP Central Ops and Realty (2013-2020)

Your integrity and honesty was deeply appreciated by me and the entire Tesco team.

Dave Lewis, former CEO of Tesco

Working with Steve definitely made Walmart better.

Greg Foran, former CEO of Walmart US

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