The Grocery Insight podcast, hosted by Steve Dresser, is typically released around once a week. Putting the focus on the issues that matter for the retail sector. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc, episodes recently have focused on lockdown and what the impact of the pandemic has been on retail as a whole.

Our podcast will be resuming soon, given that COVID is almost over (we hope) and that we’re going to be able to navigate a more surer course in the coming months. We have a lot to talk about too as online capacity looks set to continue to be well ahead of the demand, which continues to tail off as shoppers return to the stores.

Also in e-commerce; q-commerce or ‘quick-service” which is capturing the attention as the next big thing for retail. But is it? What is the reality of this channel and why, suddenly, after some 20 years of e-commerce has the idea of smaller shops delivered in a short window become the next big thing? Our podcast will consider this, and other developments too.

We also consider the latest news that emerges from the sector on our podcast. With the world awakening post COVID, there is often lots to talk about from retail. Especially as new store formats and indeed, new chains open in the UK and beyond. We look across the world for the latest in retail news, considering some of the stories that we feature on our newsletter each week too.

Our podcast is available below using the quick links. We host with Acast so you can get the podcast there, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or indeed, any number of other providers too. We are featured with most of them.

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