Helping Retailers

Retailers are a huge part of our world. Our reason for being and if they run stores, we are in, visiting weekly.

We’re proud to have helped a number of leading retailers from around the globe, with insight, advice, and guidance on a huge number of topics, amongst them – generating new ideas, developing best practice and creating transformation for the customer.

Retailer – Case Study 1:

We carried out parcels of store visits for one retailer, whereby we were engaged to visit a number of stores across the country. We provided feedback on each store with a written report and associated images, suggesting improvements and highlighting key themes across the store estate.

Several improvements were implemented immediately, with other changes made throughout the year to improve stores for customers.

Our client said, ‘Grocery Insight has given us enough improvement points to fill our retail improvement plan for the next three years’.

Retailer – Case Study 2:

Our work can also include future ideas and innovation; looking for the next big concepts from around the world. We understand the whole picture; trade considerations, store operational considerations, and how to apply balance to blend everything together.

We were engaged to consider a number of areas where improvements could be made by building on the current offer and looking at our store visits from around the world. We travelled to look at areas of development around technology, range development, new layouts, how to showcase packaging reduction and new and innovative display techniques in non-food.

We were thanked for our new perspective and thinking by the client, whom we hosted workshops with.

Retailer Case Study 3:

An increasing area of awareness for retailers is the self-help that exists when considering store layouts and adjacencies in terms of which category is located next to a key category and how products are merchandised on shelf.

We helped by looking at the blueprints for a number of stores, making suggestions around improved layouts, potential pain points for customers and challenging the ‘status quo’ around such decisions in terms of the initial store plan.

A number of conflicting agendas were in play around ease of operation, reducing the cost base, company strategy, and trading preference. Our work cut through those politics by providing another view which was unpolluted by competing agendas or politics.

Our client was delighted with our ’near-genius levels of looking at a store plan and translating that to the customer journey before a store is even built’.

There is always room to improve

Operations is an ongoing strand of work and an area of real interest for us too.

There’s always room to improve in these areas and often, we find that a number of marginal gains at 0.25% across the year, sustained and repeated, are far more palatable to drive change than the ‘next big idea’ that just doesn’t work.

Drive change because it’s the right thing for customers and colleagues, not because it’s a big money saver.

These are just a selection of things that we can offer for our retail clients. There is always more we can do, such is the nature of retail.

Briefs are dynamic and often changing, and often we are just sharing our challenges, perspectives, and expertise with our clients to help them be better for their customers.

Retailers, it’s time for another way. 

Let’s make retail great again.

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