We help marketing agencies

At Grocery Insight, we help marketing agencies solve their retail problems.

I am forever amazed at the offices with soft, fluffy furnishings, the occasional beach ball, and people wandering around in varying degrees of fashion. Such excitement, and truly something to behold!

Deadlines and Requests often at short notice

But there’s also work to be done, and brands are renowned for their short deadlines and near-bizarre requests. We understand how it works.

These are left-field and often come to us at strange times. For example, we were once asked ‘Can anyone supply ‘Back to School’ pictures in the ambient sections from 2018?’ just as the latest Back to School campaign went live.

The retail calendar is often back to front, but we’re here to help with that, and we can provide the imagery and perspectives required to improve pitches, campaigns, and just about anything else as well.

Who will visit the stores and provide perspective?

We help marketing agencies who work with retailers, we can advise on developing signage concepts for key events, provide thoughts and guidance on your proposed activity in store and aid discussions on which things are good and bad from a retail perspective.

We’ll tell you ahead of time if we think that the boat-shaped piece of cardboard intended to push a deal on canned fish will end up straight in the cardboard baler, with the brand losing out on prime selling space and the goodwill of the store, perhaps forever.

Stores are living, breathing things, and the people within them are often overworked. They need help, not extra work, and they like the easy, not the needlessly hard.

We’ll help you deepen your working knowledge of retail and how stores themselves work.

Help with Market Intelligence

We can help marketing agencies with current campaigns in store, with the decoding of the news and what it means in reality, with spotting trends, with identifying what’s going on in the market, with finding out what’s new, and with establishing what the reality is.

We can tell you the meaning behind all the things seen in store, and how it all comes together for the customer.

Visiting the stores so you don’t have to (you can if you want) but with a promise that you’ll never miss a thing, again.

Overwhelmed and short of time?

We know that you are overwhelmed, time-poor, and dealing with all manner of priorities – digital, QR codes, and far more questions than answers in a COVID-19 world (even post pandemic).

But there will be a time beyond COVID too and we understand that you need these answers fast.

More importantly, we know that we can help you, the marketing agencies solve your retail problems.

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