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Retail’s Best – Advent Calendar

Back in 2020, a year that no one wishes to remember, we produced our ‘retail’s best’ advent calendar, charting 25...

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Store Post – April – Week 2

We produce a weekly newsletter, via email, entitled “Store Post” that covers all manner of industry issues, challenges, thoughts, and...

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A warm welcome (back)

Some of you who have followed here for many, many moons will recall our original blog “UK-Retailers” which focused on...

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Whole Foods – What is the wider plan?

As we enjoyed the yearly pilgrimage to Florida for Disney, Universal and a fair bit of retail therapy (visiting for...

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Waitrose Unpacked and #plasticfree

When visiting the Reduced Plastic /  Waitrose Unpacked store some weeks ago, I was struck by the customer feedback hub...

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Wholesale change for Jack’s?

We have been busily recording a number of podcasts and building a base of support via Apple podcasts, Spotify and...

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Job losses at Tesco

I think it’s perhaps indicative of the ‘who can run the least worst shops’ trend that we are seeing in...

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Jack’s – Part of the Tesco family

So a top 10 from the Jack’s visit yesterday. Lots of press and indeed it’s major news(!) There will be...

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