Anymore for anymore?

We can’t capture everyone that we appeal to on this website, but we have worked with all manner of companies in and around the retail space. Whether they develop software, deploy IT, provide equipment for stores, are in the academic space, or anything else. Whatever your business, we can help.

Our focus is on listening to challenges and providing solutions, guiding and advising, and offering examples of best practice from our comprehensive image library. We’ll help you find the answers you are looking for.

Our principles are detailed throughout this website, and our ways of working are well-honed, and, crucially, deliver results.

We do not accept the unacceptable.

We are ‘truth-tellers’ and tell you what we think, with no hidden agenda or politics.

We do not believe in ‘dumbing down’, with people not looking at detail or the reality of retail. Things are tough out there and stores are not where they need to be, and there is always room for improvement.

We believe in visiting stores and seeing what the customer sees. We believe in thinking of the customer – first, always, and forever.

Despite the popularity of online and the growth of the channel post COVID, we believe that physical stores are still crucial to a retailer. The gift is blending the two together, and we have plenty of images and thoughts around how to do that well.

Wherever you find yourself in or around retail, don’t waste time on finding out the answers yourself. Let us help you.

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