Grocery Insight – We are listening

Our big listening survey is below! Please fill it out if you can.

It is hefty as we would like key information and insight to help us develop our strategy, product offer to capitalise on our IT platforms , industry expertise and enhance our ability to respond quickly.

We haven’t offered an incentive, or free download or competition entry for completion as it would encourage a mass of respondents aiming to win the competition, or receive the download.

We’re trying to be ‘pure’ and thus get insight from people who will have genuinely helpful insights and thoughts on how we’re able to shape our offering to the market, rather than merely offering a download and not getting the real, quality responses.

Of course, we are keen to listen to your challenges, which current resources support with these challenges, which objectives you have (personally and professionally) and crucially, what good looks like for you in terms of a solution(s).

Listening to the sector is vitally important and we want to hear what you are facing in to at the moment and how we can either tailor existing offers, or develop new insight packages to help make things better.

Let’s make retail great again!

Thank you for your help with this survey. We’re listening!

Grocery Insight - Who

Thank you for your response, this is so important for us to get an understanding of what people are currently doing, what they are suffering with and importantly, how we may help make things that little bit easier.
  • Enter your name - so we can ensure we know who is who!
  • The email address where we're able to contact you for any follow up, if necessary.
  • As we are a b2b company (IE we're a business who serves businesses) it's important we know who you currently work for, so we can ride in on a giant white horse and save you all, if necessary.
  • Is my wife right?

    It's a question I'd rather not ask but I will have to.
  • My wife told me the problem is whilst I'm well known, not enough people know how my company may be able to help them.
  • So with that in mind

    Whether you know us, or not. What insight can be hard to get hold of? What challenges do you face in your role? It's really important for us to be able to develop services that will truly add value.
  • What retail perspectives are hard to get hold of? What can you never get hold of at the right time? What challenges do you face? How could a retail expert help?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.