Hi and welcome;

This our first ever post, welcome to our blog on the UK retailers and what’s going on in the arguably the most competitive industry in the UK today.

With recession hit shoppers looking for the cheapest bargains, I’ll help you uncover the bargains, the deals to avoid, the foods to avoid and the places to definitely try to save some money.

Lumped in will be my thoughts on retailers activities and other insights gained whilst working in stores. I cant reveal my job but it does involve working in the major and minor supermarkets on a weekly basis, just by that nature means I see some interesting things…..

I hope you enjoy reading it!

A weekly email covering the latest events in the industry; such as Tesco store operations, store visits or new promotional packages are all covered. Please visit our emailed retail insight page for further information.

Grocery Insight provide market insight on the UK sector with a focus on individual retailers such as Tesco. This insight is useful to various stakeholders and due to my store based focus. Insight can be delivered to suppliers to focus on growth opportunities, analysts and investors to assess the business performance and long term outlook and retailers themselves to assess best practice. 

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