What does the future hold for 2011?

In this 4 part blog I’ll turn the focus to each of the supermarket groups and their 2011 outlook, it’s likely to be a key year for the ‘big four’ as many a year is but it’s also a year of transition as Sir Terry Leahy moves on after transforming Tesco into the dominant force it is today, he is to be replaced by international head Philip Clarke who is set to accelerate the expansion worldwide.

Namesake Andy Clarke starts his first full year as Chief of Asda hoping that the Christmas trading update will be positive after reversing the slide with a good Q4.

Dalton Philips also begins his first full year in charge of Morrisons, after a lengthy induction and a promising initial review of the business. Online and convenience are to be trialled but he does have a slowing sales growth to contend with.

Sainsbury’s is the most stable with Justin King entering his 7th year in charge and boasting an enviable record of sales growth in every single quarter, eyes will be on their rumoured move into China and their ongoing stellar performance in the UK.

It’s only fair that in the first blog of this New Year spectacular we turn to UK market leader and goliath Tesco and their review of 2010 and look ahead to 2011.

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