Celebrating excellence – The Retail World Cup 2014 – The final!

WINNER – after an extension to the voting – Tesco Birmingham Metro have done it, winning the Retail World Cup 2014.

The World Cup is a more relaxed commercial affair, or maybe it’s more due to the fact football is a central point, therefore easier to target. Walkers Crisps for example save themselves a fortune by just putting Gary Lineker’s face on a giant bag of Crisps. Brand association > Done.

Kelloggs here with a well timed 'football' collectible campaign.

I regularly write about ways to improve for retailers, attracting the ire of folk on Twitter who will randomly tweet with ‘how could you help, easy to criticise’…. Fair point, however I photograph, write and sell reports detailing best practice in retail. So I see both sides!

With this in mind, and to nod towards creativity in an increasingly ‘corporate’ store world, I’ve decided to feature some of the displays I’m tweeted / emailed with the mind to vote / decide on a winner. Some are heavily supported by Coke reps, whereas others show genuine innovation.

I hope you enjoy looking at these examples of retailing excellence, it’s a thankless task is retail, but building a great display is often (tragically) one of the strange perks of the job, at 3am when it’s finished…..

We’re now down to the last 8! Quarter final stage and a big well done to the stores who have got through, your votes are required as we whittle down the stores for the last 4 – semi final stage…

Stores in bold are the ones featured in the quarter finals.

Asda have had a good push at World Cup this year, benefitted hugely by a tie up with Coke who have been happily building displays on their behalf.

Asda Eastlands, Manchester.

Asda Eastlands, Manchester.

photo 1

IMG_0655 copy

photo 2

photo 3



Asda Keighley were also getting in the spirit with this great foyer display.


Asda Pudsey


The Tesco army are very active on Twitter, and whilst some of the ‘praiseworthy’ images are of people merely doing their job, there is some excellence within too. Less emphasis on Coke reps and support here, with colleagues using their initiative and ingenuity to develop some of these displays. Unsurprisingly, Coke features heavily!

Birmingham Metro – Windows

Birmingham Metro - windows.

Tesco – Milton Keynes


Tesco Extra, Middleton


Tesco Extra, Stretford




Tesco Gorton


Tesco Saffron Walden


Tesco Amesbury 


 Tesco Annfield


Tesco Bognor


Tesco Wellingborough


Tesco Express – Sunbridge Rd, Bradford.


Tesco Exra, Wisbech.


Birmingham Metro


Doncaster Extra



























carrefour italy






































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