A year in store – 2015 – Sampling programme of the year – Tesco

Firstly, credit to Mark Smith for this spot in his local Tesco, it literally is nearly beyond belief in terms of the sheer number of corporate guidelines it flouts, and that’s before the regulatory ones that the stores are bound by.

Tesco spend millions of pounds each year training staff and complying with their legal obligations around food, which makes this example below utterly staggering.

What were they thinking?
What were they thinking?

Regulation aside, what on earth does it say to customers? Or even kids who wander up to the fixture unaccompanied. Is it one for all, and all for one with the spoon?

Just a baffling, local decision and one has to assume that whichever ‘well meaning’ colleague has done this, the management up to a senior level haven’t walked the store and seen this and removed it, alongside some choice advice for those responsible.

Sampling programme of the year indeed, a reminder that the HQ can put as many guidelines in place, but local decisions have a lot to answer for. This is an extreme case, but it happened in a UK store in 2015.

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