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Our newsletter offers unique insight in to the sector and covers all the key headlines in the market, this week has been a busy period with the major retailers publishing their results. It’s not just for retailers, this service is absolutely ideal for other functions who interface with retail – PR firms, Marketing agencies and investment companies for example. 

Our service has a full preview of each retailer and their fortunes, driven by our numerous store visits and high quality imagery. Crucially, these reviews are published ahead of the results to give our take on the retailers fortunes before you read the ‘official’ version.

Outside the results, the Grocery Insight newsletter features all manner of subjects and topics, with full imagery to further drive insight and highlight what’s going on in store.

For a limited time, we will send all new subscribers our notes on the Christmas trading results, providing you with our latest view on the sector and the performances of the retailers within.

An excerpt of our Tesco email is below:

So Christmas 2017 has been and gone and we now look forward to a week of results that will shine a light on the market and how the various retailers performed in food over Christmas.

These emails will cover the fortunes of the ‘big four’ from my perspective this week, before discounters come in to focus alongside Iceland too.

Then it will be important to wrap up the entire market and look at the higher end of the space – Waitrose and M&S and we’ll find a space for the Co-Operative as well.

A fuller report will be produced, expanding upon these emails with more imagery and rounding up the market with deeper insight shortly.

It’s certainly true that Christmas, whilst a major opportunity for retailers to grow spend isn’t ‘like it once was’. Premium lines are still important for customers but there just isn’t the opportunity there once was here. Add Brexit and the associated squeeze on spending power, and it becomes even more difficult.

In the older days, Sainsbury’s particularly picked up trade from customers who were perhaps dissatisfied at their core supermarket offering, and chose to go there for their treats, given the heritage that Sainsbury’s had for being a little more premium than the rest.

The challenge for Sainsbury’s and the wider market in terms of the ‘big four’ at least, is that discounters have changed the landscape dramatically.

Not only are Aldi and Lidl cheaper on premium equivalents, sometimes significantly so. They also do range lines that aren’t seen elsewhere and therefore, are able to have a range that stands on its own two feet so to speak.

It’s far and away more than just a ‘copycat’ range of what Taste the Difference, or similar did the year before.

A weekly email covering the latest events in the industry; such as Tesco store operations, store visits or new promotional packages are all covered. Please visit our retail by email page for further information.

Grocery Insight provide market insight on the UK sector with a focus on individual retailers such as Tesco. This insight is useful to various stakeholders and due to my store based focus. Insight can be delivered to suppliers to focus on growth opportunities, analysts and investors to assess the business performance and long term outlook and retailers themselves to assess best practice. 

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