Try Something New Today – in your kids lunchbox?

Sainsbury’s current ad campaign focuses on their new offers that started Wednesday 2nd September. As we know, Sainsbury’s utilise “Try Something New Today” as their core strapline.

They have changed a few to half price to capitalise on the kids going back to school like the current Morrisons price crunch, however the TV advert gives some possibly unnerving suggestions for their own offspring’s lunchbox….

Pictured are many of the offers, Frubes, Dairylea Dunkers – fair enough, however there is a box of Bran Flakes(!) 500g and a tub of I Can’t believe it’s not butter (500g) which voiceover artiste Jill Halfpenny suggests that you try something new today,

Try Something New Today? How about a visit from Social services as your dear child takes a 500g box of Bran Flakes and a tub of butter with them for their lunch..

More on our blog, as ever, later this week.

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