I for one am proud of Tesco (less so of Sainsbury’s)

There are many studies done of Tesco’s practice of hiking the prices up of products only to put it on a half price offer 2 weeks later, in reality the offer is more like a 1/3 off considering the usual selling price. But I am proud of Tesco today, but why? Read on…

Tesco are notorious for it at Christmas too, scandalous. Recently Tesco have launched a stock reduction programme in store, designed to get more stock onto the shelves, reduce working capital (money tied up in stock) to keep those profits ever higher and thus not disappoint the stock market. Part of this means that ex offer stock inevitably creates a problem.

I for one am happy to see a new pricing policy in place where Bulk Beer is priced honestly by Tesco. It makes me feel proud of Tesco.

There is a recession on so the chances of selling this at the market value is less than 1%, expect to see a £10 for all boxed beer very soon.

Whilst much maligned Tesco are honestly pricing their beer, Sainsbury’s seem to be jacking up prices then putting things on a half price offer. I don’t have access to a pricing history of Lucozade (6pks) but I know from history of buying it, it’s usually at £2.79 (2 for £4), imagine my surprise when shopping the other day and noticing that it had leapt up to £3.42!

More on the retail market in our blog in the coming weeks!

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