Morrisons to abandon the shop

Shopping in Morrisons (was) a wonderful experience, tidy shelves, strong availability and the Market Street concept that panned as too archaic pre Bolland, is now a key selling point of Morrisons. But it appears that Morrisons are to abandon the shop.

Dalton Philips has changed the ‘selling’ concept, the multiple pallets, stacks, dumpbins are allowed but the obsessive tidying of the shop has now ceased. ‘Rumbles’ are allowed twice per day but the focus is on filling rather than facing, this is part of the wider hours reduction that Morrisons have been pursuing recently.

Heading into Q3 and Christmas, it appears that Morrisons will be untidy like the rest, not setting themselves apart like in previous years with presentation of the store. I wonder what Sir Ken would make of the chain the news that Morrisons are to abandon the shop.

He wouldn’t like wading through empty cardboard boxes to get to his favourite crisps I’d level!

More to come on the blog later this week!

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