Wholesale change for Jack’s?

We have been busily recording a number of podcasts and building a base of support via Apple podcasts, Spotify and Podbean (hosters of said podcast). Our 5th episode goes live on Monday 8th April; covering the new Jack’s store in Rawtenstall. An interesting proposition given the larger size of the store (35k sq. ft) and […]

Jack’s – Part of the Tesco family

So a top 10 from the Jack’s visit yesterday. Lots of press and indeed it’s major news(!) There will be lots of press about price differentials and the like, but the reality is that with 2600 lines and 1700 of those being solely Jack’s – it makes a comparative difficult. Fair play to Tesco for […]

Further thoughts on Jacks and Tesco

Ref: Jack’s – This is a Twitter thread I wrote this morning. A twitter user ‘unrolled it’ to one piece of writing which is impressive and enabled me to add it here. A great piece of work – Threadreaderapp There will be lots of noise tomorrow re: Jack’s and the Tesco world. Rome wasn’t built in a […]