Long time no speak..

Since the Tesco blogs, it’s been a bit quiet on here – my apologies for that. I’ve been taking care of a couple of projects so great that I’m busier but naturally that means blogging time is cut down.

However, there will be some new blogs appearing soon:

The blog visits Grafton St, the latest M Local in Manchester, there’s some interesting things from this store, there’s also a visit to St Albans, the southern Kirkstall.

There are further looks at the end of year results for Morrisons (announced in March) and what Dalton said about the year ahead.

There’s also a look at what Dalton has done in his 2 years in charge of the company.

We’ll eagerly await Phil Clarke’s plans for Tesco when he announces the results in April and analyse whether it goes far enough to resolve the problems.

Visits continue to be abundant so welcome to all readers, should you wish to keep up to date with daily happenings and snippets of the good / bad / ugly in stores – I’m very active on Twitter, follow @dresserman

Should you wish to have some bespoke detailed store based insight – then get in touch here and I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Finally, I’m hoping the blog will have a new identity as main feedback from readers is the headache inducing white / black text so we’re going to have a ‘store of the future’ style revamp.

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