Burns Night

Burns Night is an event celebrating the life and works of Rabbie Burns, the national poet of Scotland, the event occurs on or around the 25th January, each year.

In Scotland, celebrations are linked to hosting parties and small events, having a ‘Burns Supper’, with a focus on Scottish products notably, Haggis,  alongside other Scottish products that are featured heavily for the event.

For retailers, Burns Night remains an important event for Scottish stores and there are strong elements within the offer that we have seen, with solid progression noted each year.

Burns Night remains a core event in the Scottish retail calendar and it justifiably does command a presence in store towards the end of January, when the only real event competition comes from Healthy Eating alongside Pancake Day and Chinese New Year.

Our 6 separate reports span the years 2016 to 2021 inclusive, showcasing the best examples of execution from the around the Scottish stores and the relevant categories for Burns Night.

Our seasonal event reports contain all the best practice, imagery and guidance you need to understand how Burns Night was executed, highlighting who does what well and where the opportunities lie ahead of the next event.

Don’t waste time trying to collate pictures from various colleagues of seasonal activity, or trying to find the time to visit stores yourself. Trust Grocery Insight to provide everything you need to improve your offer whilst saving some time along the way.

Our reports are in depth and offer great coverage of each seasonal event, providing a unique overview of the execution of the event across every single area of the store.

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